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Tips for Buyers – How To Find a Good Quality, Trusted Seller

Many buyers that are attracted to Fiverr are obviously looking for bargains otherwise they wouldn’t come here! But, you also have to weigh the pros and cons of buying something cheap and how it will affect your business. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

So, in the case of purchasing video services, many prefer to go the cheap route of spending $10 or $20 bucks. Ask yourself, will that cheap video help or hurt my business? Hiring non trained inexperienced people could no doubt hurt your business, especially video services. It takes years of training to present on camera with the proper gestures and interactions that non professionals simply cannot grasp.

If a visitor arrives to your website and sees a video that may not be suitable to show, you can be assured that visitor will not return. Now, I understand a lot of people like something cheap, but from a professional standpoint we also know many of those videos simply do not convert lookers into buyers.

I’m not criticizing anyone, but investing a little more in your business for a professional service does make a big difference to your online conversions and that is a proven fact.

So, the next time you shop for a service, keep in mind the professional aspect and ask questions before you buy. It’s better to have a safe buying experience rather than a bad one

Business ethics plays a role in everything we do but we just don’t realize it.!

yer @webXpert_
I Agree About It , It is true

Thanks for your comment webXpert_

I truly agree that you do get what you pay for, especially when it comes to giving your business a competitive edge.

 I have been a book cover illustrator for 3o years. I painted large oil painting for the first 22 years then was forced to change to digital work. In the past 2 weeks I became aware that 12 of my book cover images were stolen by "designers" on this site and used illegally on self-published ebooks on Amazon, Kindle edition books. I was able to find out from one of Fivrr "designers" that he pulled the image off of PINTEREST.COM. He thought is was free to use because it did not have a copyright symbol on it. Anyone can tell that it obviously was a professionally illustrated piece that was commissioned by a major publisher in the US. These cover commissions cost the publisher $2500- $6000, with costumes, models, photographer, and illustrator fees. It takes weeks to create one of these covers. The artist owns the copyrights to every image. It is copyright infringement and subject to legal action if anyone uses them in any commercial way. Amazon immediately takes them off when II notify them of such an infringement. The ebook author who submits them claims ignorance and blames the foreign designer. Whoever submits stolen images to a commercial site is open to law suits. This is a huge problem for those involved. Please do not steal any images that are not for sell as stock. Just because an image is pinned on Pinterest it does not mean that it is free to use commercially.
In the US, a copyright symbol is not required to be on an image to prove copyright ownership. Please check the source of every image that is used.
If you are using a "designer" from Fivrr, be aware of this issue.  Ask to see the original source of any images that they use.  If you use copyrighted images in commercial ways, you are the one responsible for copyright infringement and publishers and artist will pursue legal action.  Don't believe that you will get original artwork that is identical or similar to covers that major publishers pay thousands for $10 - $50.

-A frustrated illustrator

I agree that “you get what you pay for” as a general rule. However, here on Fiverr I’ve come across a number of very high quality gigs that offer services which would normally cost considerably more but are only $5 because the seller is finding it difficult standing out in a competitive market.

So the lesson here is that if you come across a high quality seller, don’t forget to leave a tip!

There may be some good designers here, but my advice is to ask to see the source of any images that are used. Most sites, such as Amazon kindle publishing for example, has a copyright department which deals only with these issues. They will ban your account if these infringements occur and you will be at risk for legal action. If you pay $5 for a design and the designer uses an image or photograph or an illustration, it may very well be an illegal usage. edume is correct in his post. There are plenty of unethical people trying to make a few bucks along with individuals who are just ignorant about copyright laws in the US. I am now dealing with a man from Southeast Asia who stole my work, used it on an ebook cover, probably also stole the text of the book, and is selling it on Amazon using the name of an English woman.

Reply to @edume:
So true!
It’s similar to what they say about politics… "If you pay peanut, expect to hire monkeys."
And that can certainly hurt your business profile!

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Reply to @edume: That’s true, it is always good to prioritize quality

Reply to @lilac2: Your information is important for all to read and a warning to those who infringe on copyright. These days saying “…thought is was free…” just doesn’t justify someone to steal. Most people don’t realize that there is embedded meta data in every image that shows the original computer information. So, no matter if someone tries to re-save or change the picture, the original meta data remains. This info can be seen by forensics and is a special process. This goes the same for video. We also had several individuals from this website do unethical things with the videos we produced for them. Fortunately, we were able to take action against those people. I guess people these days don’t respect or appreciate artistic work which is very unfortunate.