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Tips for Buyers – How to Order Without Confusion!

Well, we’ve had numerous buyers, maybe half, always ask how to order on fiverr and no doubt it can be confusing. But, since Fiverr implemented ‘Custom Offers’ it really does make a difference to making things happen faster.

A ‘Custom Offer’ is sent by the seller, which contains an outline of the what the seller will provide to the buyer for a specific price. Honestly, this may be a better method than Gig Extras as it should clearly describe in short detail what service the seller will provide for the price offered on one form.

After the buyer receives the offer and accepts, it’s simply one click to check out and pay. That’s quick!

So, asking for the ‘Custom Offer’ is a good way to have clarity of the order along with the price and should provide as a agreement between both parties.

It’s a great way to make the order process go faster! Next time you want a service, ask for the ‘Custom Offer’ from the seller! It’s also a good way to make an introduction between the two parties before ordering.

Fiverr give great system ‘Custom Offer’…

Yes, Custom Offer was finally a good step that fiverr implemented. Gig extras are simply now redundant. Customer offer is much like an invoice without confusion. Buyers should always request a custom offer before buying as it makes the order clear.

@edume - Seriously? Gig extras are hardly redundant. As far as I am aware (my own experience included), gig extras are EXTREMELY valuable, both to a seller, and a buyer.

Fiverr is doing a great job improving the gigs platform to allow sellers more opportunities for the presentation of their services, and buyers the opportunity to custom-build the services they need.

Custom offers are useful for specific services not available via the gig format, or projects beyond the scope of a listed gig’s services. But the basic Fiverr gig and extras format is, without a doubt, still Fiverr’s bread and butter.

Yes, Seriously! If you look at the concept of a custom offer, it’s much like an invoice and therefore a contract. You layout everything you will do for the buyer on that custom offer. Buyer is happy. You can’t do that with a gig extra because of the limitations of words.

I like the system ‘custom offer’. By using this option i can earn more then $5

Yes custom offer is good step by fiverr. I like that

The problem with custom offers is that it always takes at least 24 hours (my own experience) before people reply. So 1st I send a message asking for a custom offer, then 24 hours later I get a reply, then I reply, then they send the custom offer, then I pay for it. This can take 3 days, which can be a problem. That’s why I prefer the gig extras.

The idea of the Custom Offer is to take the confusion away from a confusing process! Almost everyone who buys from us and on fiver is at some time confused and make comments about the fiverr process. That’s a given, this platform is already confusing enough. Custom Offers make everything clear and it’s much like an invoice. Use it to your advantage.

No matter the situation, buyers will procrastinate before they spend their money. That’s how things work. You can’t expect instant buying, business doesn’t work that way. You need to communicate with the buyer first, making them feel comfortable, provide proof of your history. This is what makes the buyer feel encouraged to purchase from you. Use fiverr is socialize more and then you’ll see more orders. Communicate!

What the Custom Order is explained, the Buyer understands, pushing the button and off it goes, BUT the buyer’s information on the first day is a lot of misses for the Seller and they are delayed a half the day trying to get the information from the Buyer. That puts the Seller back a day in getting the work done. On the day of delivery the Seller asks a question that the Buyer has already supplied, but because of a family emergency the Buyer can’t get back to the Seller. The Custom Order becomes late. Is it that automatically sends the Cancel Order? But what if the Buyer doesn’t want to cancel? Tells the Seller that, (& re-sends the information asked for) but then never hears anything else from the seller. What then? Is the job over or just in limbo?

Reply to @edume:
Any and all sales on Fiverr are a contract contract between buyer and seller. A $5 basic gig sale (with or without extras) is as much a contract as a custom order.

Reply to @edume: it depends on what the gig extras are, I think in many cases they are not redundant but pretty straight forward. For example if someone needs a powerpoint designed for them, if the basic gig is for 5 slides and a gig extra is to add 10 slides, that’s very clear, custom offers aren’t needed for stuff like that. Alot of different areas of gigs have this basic kind of stuff that are added as extras. I will write a 500 word article…for an extra I will write up to 1,000 words. etc., etc.

Reply to @meili1: Good point about that.