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Tips for Buyers Looking for Professional Work

I’ve met so many amazing buyers on Fiverr and many of them are seeking high quality and professional work with a lower budget than a big company. And authors, this is a great place to find someone willing to edit or design your book at a low cost. However, it can be tough to sort through the options of sellers.

One thing to watch out for is copyright issues. Some sellers are creating complete copies, ripping off other designers, and just changing the titles to call it new. I’ve had several authors come to me with issues having had this happen, and they start to distrust sellers.

Let me give you some advice from the standpoint of a seller:

1.) Message the seller first. If they aren’t willing to discuss your project beforehand in a timely manner, they may not want to spend a lot of time on your project. Find someone willing to treat your project with as much attention as you need and don’t settle.

2.) Look through their portfolio and make sure they’re style is something you’re looking for. If you don’t see something, ask.

3.) Check out gig extras. Sellers who have gig extras and offer more customized services may be a better option for you. Perhaps you need someone to hold your hand and help you navigate your project from conception to execution. If so, don’t hesitate to pay your seller what they’re worth. Remember when fees get taken out a seller isn’t getting paid much more than $3 for a basic $5 gig. If your seller is exceptionally talented, be willing to spend more. You can find amazingly talented sellers on Fiverr who treat you like gold, but if you treat them like dirt you widdle their spirit and crush their creativity.

4.) Be patient, but it’s perfectly acceptable to expect timely communication. If you don’t hear back quickly, send a few messages and then contact support. A good seller will be attentive to your needs.

5.) Check and make sure their previous work passes copyright and plagiarism checks. The last thing you and is someone’s book cover or about page to look exactly like yours. Make sure your seller creates fresh, new content tailored just to you!

Don’t ever hesitate to message a seller, asking any questions needed. Good sellers are here to serve you and consider this a business, not a game. Good sellers are in this for relationships, not just money. Find someone willing to build a relationship with you, get to know you, and deliver phenomenal work at an unbeatable price—then recommend your favorite sellers to others! As a seller myself, I can tell you it’s so appreciated!

Hope this helped, guys! Would love to hear about your positive experiences with sellers or even some questions and concerns you’ve had with negative experiences!



Amen @thebooklady!

Amen @thebooklady!

Hello Ashley, I am not really a buyer but I really liked, number 3 that I had to comment. I Hope most buyers will actually see this post, since most of them think that every thing on Fiverr is for $5.

Reply to @julipalmer7:

Yes! Sometimes something may cost a bit more, but the buyer needs to determine if it’s worth it to them. I think some people are willing to sacrifice quality to get something cheaper that is still nice. Good, better, and best. If you offer the best services, some buyers may choose Good or Better instead if it’s cheaper. Really depends on the buyer, but there are many sellers who offer my same services for less. Sometimes they are new and sometimes they are just able to do so at lower rates. For me, I prefer quality over quantity and like to provide my buyers with amazing and personalized experiences. I’d rather have less jobs like this than a ton of impersonal jobs where I never hear from the buyer again!

I’m fully agree with Lady.

Some people speaks about a Triangle formed by Quality, Price and Delivery. Like and equation one can’t be obtained without reducing one or increasing other. I think this must be changed to a Square. And incorporate to this 3 points the Service(the treatment). Your Service is the value add necessary for start a relationship. If your service is good, your client will be flexible with you in all aspects. And your relation will become “winwin” where both will win. Give your best service and sometimes you can lose some, but normaly you will win a lot!! :slight_smile:

Reply to @odbtec: Yes, I think you are completely right. The Service (treatment) play as much important role as the quality itself. This is one of the main keys whether the buyer will be one time or returning buyer.

I love your writing style language. Good luck with your career

Reply to @odbtec: you are spot on!

Reply to @seobookmarkbest: thank you! :slight_smile:

Message the seller!! :wink: