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Tips For Buyers, on Trusting The Flags!

Hi Everybody!

I’m a buyer & seller at level 1 position & I want to share this tip for buyers from my own experience. I has a buyer don’t see to flags or I don’t see the position level!

I found that the new entries or the low position level people too have their own capabilities. I decide by having conversation with them, on how fast they reply & on their confidence level on how fast they finish the job & how well they answer all your questions?

Place the order to those with these qualities & not by Trusting The Flag! If you want to go only by the flag, verify before proceeding!

Featured people on Fiverr are gained Trust, not by the flag but only by delivering their promise to the buyers on time! And they wouldn’t have got featured, if they were not trusted at their entry level. And also the sellers should work on their promise.

I hope this post is helpful & p/s do add your likes & comments (*)

Rather than the flag, I’d be more concern of seller’s English. Firstly, miscommunication usually lead to bad result. Secondly, improper English isn’t a pleasant thing to read. Some mistakes, typos is acceptable. Yet, I think it’s only okay for messages, where we can’t edit anything.

I also can’t understand how some people write a long text with no punctuation or not capitalizing the " I "? It’s not typo or mistake, simply just laziness. I even more amazed that some buyers did order from those seller. I mean if they can’t take time for their own product, would they take time for yours?

Yeah, don’t mind about the flag. Communication is above all aspects. No matter how good the gigs and how cool the flags (US, UK, Europe, etc) those are useless if the seller is not communicative.

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Here is why you should not trust flags. Do you know how to change your location,by that i mean your ISP/IP/mac adress etc?

Flags at least for me mean nothing.

Anyone can fake their location using the proper tools.

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Reply to @miacmht: I also agree with you, because I also don’t like those people who never care about Capital - Simple fact and use Google Translate to message in English.

I recently said NO for $190 Fiverr Project, because the guy uses Google Translate and sometimes I can’t understand his messages due to incorrect spellings in actual language words. (GT can’t translate wrong spelling words)