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Tips For Buyers Regarding Graphic work

Hello all Buyers I am Sarah Khan , graphic designer for almost 2 years on different platform.
There are few obstacles for buyers on fiverr as new buyers are not aware of graphical terminologies and jargon.So here I am sharing few basic tips for ordering any graphic work.

Buyers should first read all terms and rules of Fiverr to avoid dispute with seller or any misunderstanding.
Few buyers don’t know what they actually want designer to make like If they need a picture and an object on it and call it Logo which they are unable to convey to seller.
For easy use Buyers should use “POST A REQUEST” option so sellers can bet on their request and they don’t need to go and knock door of each seller, once you find good designer you can keep him/her in contract again and again.
Ok, when seller bet on request Buyer receive an email from Fiverr about the first bet made and Buyer can accept the request and order the gig right from email which is sometime not good as Buyer should review all the bets and should select the appropriate one .
Buyer should mention the maximum amount they can pay for project so seller can bet lower than that price .
Buyer should include attached files as well as a good description and answer all the questions asked in requirements to avoid miscommunication and time of seller and himself.
Buyers should not ask for sample work for small work they should visit the profile of seller and see their previous work and read the comments made by previous buyers also see the rating … but never ask for samples specially in case of small projects …

For information:
Vector files are sometime source files and are very important in case of logos so always demand these files some buyers like me offer it free to seller but If seller don’t ask for it then seller can ask for more money after completion of order.

For web works and transparent logos ask for PNG files instead of JPEG.

For business cards always ask for PDF file or Zip file and in appropriate format and size
standard size for card is 7cm5.5cm or 85 points55 points with at least 3 points margin to cut the edges

For colors please don’t use word like black with blue etc tell the designer exact CMYK codes
**CMYK= Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-blacK
If pure black is required K must be 100% and rest should be zero .and same for others

Always design the Business card from same designer who design logo except in circumstances because he already know about you project and can help you more tan anyone else.

For best Logos Adobe Illustrator cs6 is popular .whose file is ai file.

Always put link of your business page or website so seller can see your website and can make different concepts .

These are only few tips and I am not covering all so please forgive me for that , I shall continue to write if only it help someone .
Feel free to contact me in any problem … Advise is for free :smiley:
Thanks for reading till end , Leave your comments and questions either in inbox or in comment .

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Good tips, Sarah!
I would add that if a buyer wants a sample and isn’t satisfied with what’s available in the seller’s portfolio then the buyer should set up a relatively small, paid task by requesting a Custom Offer. Once that’s completed successfully, they can move on to the real thing!

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Exactly !