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Tips for Buyer's Request

Tips for buyers:

When filling out a buyer’s request, type in detail what you need to have done.
(Many buyers give very poor descriptions of what they need and it is difficult to quote these clients properly.)

If you need a cheap service, don’t expect to get sellers willing to give you this service. Remember, in most cases, if you want a proper service, be prepared to pay for it!

There are buyers who get annoyed when sellers, who offer their services at different prices or higher prices. It is up to the seller to determine how much they want to charge for a particular job. You are not obligated to accept their offer.

Tips for sellers:

Read the buyer’s request properly.

In your offer, state exactly what the seller is wanting.

Don’t feel that you need to offer the same amount of payment for the job. Offer what you feel is correct for the service.

If the request is unclear, be very careful of applying for the job. What you must do is state exactly what you are prepared to do.


You’re right. Some buyers are not telling their needs clearly. But That’s happening these days too. Some of them overexplain the task, interesting! They sometimes deviate from the core things seller have to know.


All of those tips help everyone.

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Thank you so much. This post very helpful

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