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Tips for buyers "why we prefer new sellers"

Here are some points that why we prefer new sellers seller provide good deals like minimum charges.extra work in limited time period.
2.hire new sellers because new sellers provide fast services and better services .
3.check their gigs sample it helps you understand their work abilities . more thing is that new seller use their full effort and resources because he want to increase their sales

You are wrong, you have to fight to get the order.
Not the total spam in the forums.
All the consumers like the seller who has had a rating, so reliable track record of sales

You were right,

I’m not a new seller but my buyers are usually happy. They are just as happy as they were when I was a new seller. The same for me, new or old all my buyers happy.

Really inspiring words Misscrystal.

I think this is right also old seller give better output

As a new seller these days I’m struggling for my first job on fiverr. i wand to know that, staying long period online will be a advantage to me??

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not totally agree with you
Yes, new seller will do his best to get a good feedback but old seller also do it too to keep his good rating.
For both new and old seller, once we start doing business, we always give our effort to delivery the work in a highest quality to the buyer.agree with you.

Since you are either a seller and a buyer, or just a seller, your title is semi-misleading. Good try, I suppose, but I’m not thrilled about your attempt to write like a buyer only.


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Nice try buddy.

Who is “We”?

He’s from Pakistan. Naff said.

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I would hire the one who can do the job, whether or not he is new on Fiverr or not.
On the other hand I would never ever do business with a seller crying his eyes out on the forum about his lack of sales. Never.

These aren’t tips, this is merely a post about your own personal preferences. Therefore, this thread seems more appropriate for the Conversations forum.

Thank you.

So with your fake US-location you telling us that established sellers…
… don’t want a 100% rating.
… don’t want more orders.
… don’t want satisfied buyers.

If your location is in the US I suggest starting with a medical treatment for your mental health problems. They got pills over there, you know?
And when you are on your way to the drug store, make a stop and Barns & Nobles to get yourself a dictionary.