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Tips for dealing with slow times

I listened to a great podcast yesterday that suggested working on things in your business that you simply can’t get too when you are very busy. Here are a few I am working on:
Analysis of my recording studio by a sound engineer.
Updating profiles.
Reaching out to clients and letting them know my specials.
Updating my personal brand.
Building my skills by joining webinars and listing to podcasts.
Updating my business plan.
Get outside!
Research my field and get updates.
Make sure I connect on social media.
Call my mom more and spend time with family.
Create a concrete plan for next season when it gets slow.
Buy a book about your industry and read it from cover to cover.
Buy a gig on Fiverr that will help you improve the quality of your business.
Relax it will get busy.

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Outside? What is this outside you speak of? Is this a new game?

I think it means go for a walk or do something outdoors!


Yes it just means enjoy your local environment by getting outside, going for a hike and enjoying nature. Most of us get trapped in our computers during the busy times.

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