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Tips for feedbacks

hey every one , i want to ask you guys the feedbacks if you have just 1 review and 5 stars , client will be working with me ? thank uu

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what you mean by working with you?

les each buyer see a feedback i will get more buyers to order my gig

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Yes if you get 5 Star its easy for buyer because buyer conform that this is a good seller.

okey , thank uu bro im new seller and it’s the first order i get it

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Wow congratulations @fouadbihmidn

None of us can guarantee who will work for you, or even if you will receive the orders you want. If your services solve the needs of your target customers, and those customers want your services, they will hire you. One review is a start, however, to build a strong reputation as a great seller, you’re going to need more reviews than that. Reviews are earned over time.