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Tips for find a Good Quality LOGO at low price!

A good quality Professional logo is a key component to the success of a company or a business and it will help to reach your goals. So, a good quality Professional logo is important for your Business or company.

But for one Startup Company or Business money is the very great problem. So, if you get a logo at low price it will be very helpful for you.

You can found a good quality logo at low price by checking 6 technical points:-

  1. If normally you want to buy a logo, needs 100$ to 10000$ for a good quality logo. For a good quality logo at low price firstly I will suggest logo design from freelance site Because here you will found many logo sellers at low price. But Among them which one is perfect for your logo that you can select by following bellow steps.

  2. For good quality logo design must be need a good rating gig (minimum 4.8 rating out of 5) and good rating review buyer (minimum 95% out of 100%).

  3. Then you will check the Order in Queue. If Orders in Queue are more that means many orders are running/pending on this seller. So, you can’t hope good quality logo at low price from this seller. You can select gig/seller that’s has no order in queue or very few order in queue. Because this seller have to needs order and this seller can be spend time for your good quality logo design.

  4. Low price is the main factor on fiverr because you will found here many sellers at low price but which logo designer/gig is perfect for a good quality logo design? For that reason you can check buyer country. A poor country seller can give a logo at low price but good quality. Because 5$, 20$ or 40$ is low price for your country but for one poor country seller is happy with these price. (One Example US 5$ = Bangladesh(BDT) 400TK). So, for low price should be must found poor country’s seller.

  5. If you have a logo concept or logo draft then you can easily select a logo designer that seller offered unlimited revisions. You can select a seller hath has some previous work experience with good rating. Because this seller gives you good quality design at low price also if has any mistake on design you getting opportunity for revision/modifications.

  6. Before spend 100$ to 1000$ for a logo you can try on fiverr. You can get a logo in PNG file on fiverr for only 5$. After design if you like for your design logo then you can order for vector source file AI, PSD, EPS, PDF etc only for 20$.

*** By these process you can save 80$ to 980$ and success possibility is 99.99%. Unfortunately unsuccessful possibility is 0.01%. Success possibility is very very more because if any point you don’t like on design logo you can opportunity modification request for edit and change. Also you have right for cancel order by mutual understanding with seller.***

If you have any question you can ask me…

You can found a good quality logo at low price here: