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Instead of showing warning messages in red when you type certain words in messages, you should maybe consider the fact that for companies it’s totally unprofessional to discuss their project only over a chat. This website will never work for serious companies.

On the contrary, I know many individuals who do just fine selling their services here on Fiverr. Fiverr has rules, and anyone who wishes to use this site, must follow their rules.

I’m sure there are, for small jobs… but nothing professional like I said. If you push Customers like myself against the wall with such strict and non creative / non professional rules then on the longue term you will see what negative effect it will have on this website. First I was VERY positive about the concept, but not with the Police looking over my shoulders! By the way, there is another website which has exactly the same concept as Fiverr but without any of those non productive rules… What do you think I’m gonna do now… Like everyone else will…:slight_smile:

@paycheaper – It’s your money. Spend it where you feel most comfortable.

@paycheaper am sorry there are rules that must be respected by all fiverr buyers an sellers too

As a seller, there is nothing which I can’t do via the Fiverr messaging service once I am engaged with a client. What really annoys me, is when the best clients in the world try to send me their contact details to communicate outside of Fiverr. I mean this can risk me loosing my account and simply isn’t necessary.

As for sites which do allow communication outside of their given platform, why are you moaning here about Fiverr’s shortcomings and not already using them instead? Is it because you probably won’t be able to get what you need for $5 by any chance?

“paycheaper” gives it away, no?