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Tips for freelancers

When you start a business in an already crowded place keep in my mind that you’ve got to prepare yourself for disappointments, rejections and waiting may be even longer than expected in a line that is already long.!

Always keep in mind that there is no easy way. You would be surprised if you scrolled down some gigs which offers real quality work (judging from their samples) yet they hardly get any order.! Why? I don’t know. But the point here is: Do not start freelancing thinking it’s easy.

The question here is: What to do during all those waiting time?
Well, don’t waste it.! Build yourself.

1)Improve your skills and learn more about new things.

2)Take rest, don’t exhaust yourself. It wouldn’t do you any good.

3)Be motivated. Remember, the orders you get or the successful deliveries you make isn’t really that motivating. Because that type of motivation will wear off as soon as you start to realise that you have to again wait for long to get another order. So, Be your own motivation.

4)Don’t judge yourself and your skills based on the number of orders you get. It may start to get frustrating and over time doubts and uncertainty may crawl it’s way to your mind. Don’t be harsh to yourself. Keep (I repeat) KEEP improving, learning and be motivated.

5)Finally, be open for suggestions. Do not underestimate this. Ofcourse you don’t have to take all the suggestions.! Because what worked for others may or may not work for you. Still, be open for suggestions and take what’s best for you.

Have a nice day.


This is me right now at the moment. I got one order in my queue and three inquires from potential new clients. With the kids going back to school my sleep schedule is a mess and i could use a week of no orders. Luckily i have a vacation next month and hopefully it will leave me fully revived.


Indeed. Taking your mind off work for sometime is really refreshing.! Also it could impact positively on the quality of work.


There are all kinds of great ways to stay motivated…Read the iconic books or listen to them fromauthors like Napolean Hill and Stephen Covey

I’m brand new here, but I’m a long time freelancer (since 2008) as a cartographic illustrator for the game industry. I started my freelance career in late 2007, I had participated in a map making contest and won, and 1 day later I was contacted by my first client doing 3 maps, and 6 months later I got 5 map commissions by the same publisher for a different project. I can honestly say, I’ve never contacted a client to develop a relationship to get work - they’ve all found me, made initial contact. Aside from the quality of my work, I’m fast, and always beat the deadline. I communicate with my clients enough to fully understand any aspect of the gig. I’m a regular in industry related communities on Facebook, and Linkedin, I use to use Google Plus (but it’s gone) and post maps, illustrations and other work at least twice a week. So I’ve built up a reputation and presence in whichever communities I participate. That said, due to the extreme niche nature of my freelance specialty, I don’t expect to see a high volume of clients here, but you never know.

In between the gigs, I self-publish (under Gamer Printshop), mostly map content for gamers use at DrivethruRPG, the 800 pound gorilla in roleplaying game selling platform., though in the last 3 years, I’ve picked up 2 author/game designers, and am publishing their game supplements and adventures, in addition to my own creations. So I’ve become my own client for an additional income stream between gigs. It eats up a lot of my freelance time, I’d say I’m doing 50:50 freelance vs. self publishing work.

I just released a product today, a map object set for sci-fi sick bays aboard starships and space stations, which also includes 3D printable files to allow gamers to create game miniatures if they possess a 3D printer at home (the latter being a new product I am creating/supporting).

I bring this up, because maybe you haven’t considered self-publishing your work, as an alternative activity and income stream between working gigs.

In 11 years of freelancing, I’ve got over 1,000 maps published, have done work for one of the largest game publishing companies, even have done maps for a mainstream video game strategy guide. I just completed a 22 map commission for a client who’ve commissioned me over 350 maps in the last 3 years. So I get work, but can always use more gigs.


very helpful for starters like me, it is very easy to give up. Encouraging yourself and participating in the chats in the forum really helps.

Books are one good way to get motivated.! There are several other ways too… such as enjoying a hobby.
Here, the forum itself too is motivating to some extent.!

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I see what you are saying there and I agree about the part of doing 50/50.
Because as fun as Freelancing is, it is also risky to have only one stream of income.

It certainly does. I hope you learn alot here.

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Yeah, Working on yourself and learning new things are more important. Thanks for sharing

I totally agree! I also find I write even better after a reprieve and a rest.

And I know what you mean, @j6nyc6. Sometimes you get a lot of orders when it’s not the best time. And sleep deprivation certainly affects performance. I hope you’re taking care of your health and wellbeing.

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Amazing and result oriented tips. Thanks for sharing. I follow many of them already.

This is something I should keep in mind. Thanks for sharing.

You are welcome…
Good Luck.

Yep! I needed to mention it because I believe that resting might seems an alien word for some freelancers/sellers. Specially if they are new.

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Yes there is a pervasive myth that you need to work all of the time at full speed in order to get sales, which is ironic because with that advice you’d need to make hundreds of sales to just break even on the time spent hustling.

Work smarter, not harder.


You are welcome.

I am glad to read that.

Good Luck.

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I am glad I could be of assistance.

Totally agree.!

Hard work is certainly appreciated.! But it would be a waste if the quality isn’t up to the expectations.

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thanks for share your most important tips.