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Tips for game developing gig

Hey guys , I’m on fiverr for almost a year now and only got one order and completed it successfully but didn’t get any other order , can you tell me how to improve my gig or is anything bad about this gig here it is my game development gig : check it out and feel free to tell me how to improve it to get more orders . Thank you and have a good day/night

Hi simblend, your gig is way too expensive, and when I say “way” its hilariously expensive. I do game design as well, and I know it takes time to do all of this work. However, a seller with no experience (review) you are not fighting for quality, you are fighting for quantity. You need more review to raise your price, and no-one is going to spend their precious money for a guy with no reviews, they are obviously going to pay for a seller with more trust. The golden rule for Fiverr is you MUST start with $5 and raise your price gradually. I know it’s hard, but work hard with low income first and be big :grin:

Thank you so much for this feedback but to create a game from scratch( design, level design, development,sound effects…etc ) it takes a lot of time and effort ,I can’t spend about 3-4 weeks just to make $4 .Thank you again for checking it out .

Hi, I’m a game developer myself as I mentioned. And are there any reason why you are making the game from scratch? You can start from $5 using preset so you can get more reviews. Preset doesn’t mean copy and paste, you can modify a little and present the work. In the premium option, you might add option to make game from scratch. Just a suggestion :smile:

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Here are some tips that will help you

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Thanks for your helpful tips…

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