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Tips For get Order


Don’t stop for applying for job. Don’t stop sharing your gigs on social media, forum and other section. When You share your gigs on social media, forum or website your gigs get more impression. I hope after that you get more order. if you have any suggetion please comment below.


My buyer request is very low not 50 up and not relevant. What to do?I have 6 gig already



Why I’m not getting to increase gig impression


Share your gigs using Facebook.
Its easy


According to your profile information, you’re a professional full-stack web developer & Wordpress expert yet you’re offering demo installation that even my 9y old nephew can do. Most premium themes offer “one-click” installation for demo content.

  • Try to come up with a service that matches your skills and level of expertise.
  • You may also find clients from buyer requests area. There are plenty of buyers looking for Wordpress developers.

Spamming your Facebook friends doesn’t usually help.


share your gigs on Internet marketing forum.


Hi @murshedapon, I think you might need to review your gigs, use tags that are related to what you offer and what you think buyers will include in there description. I hope this help.


you can share your gig in social media and give some push using video :slight_smile: (for video use portfolio)


Yes of course try your best to ranking your gigs

Good luck


Can share our gigs in social media sites but main part is the buyer request, every time keep in touch about buyer request and you need to create powerful buyer request, when creating br add your portfolio link and give small description about your work and at last give how you surprised buyer, and also main thing is you when seeding offer you need to send it asap ,if your offer in first 1-5 then you have more precentage to get an order :slight_smile: for this keep save your offer details in word or any other place to get it fast and to send offers quickly