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Tips for getting first order and reach level-1 seller!


Yes, I’ll tell you how to get your first order on fiverr! That’s what I followed when I was joined in fiverr community.

Listen, do the following things :

  1. Write eye catching description about your gig or work

  2. Maintain packages

  3. Try to do your first order for $5 irrespective of work ( more or less )

  4. Rating is more important, get 5 star rating and get good feedback from buyer for your work

  5. Keep sending offers to buyers everyday day, use complete sending offers limit per day.

  6. When they get back to you about knowing your work, explain clearly and charge $5 for first 5 orders then increase little bit amount till you reach level-1 seller. ( 10 sales needed to become level-1seller)

  7. Now enjoy the fiverr with full of orders

All the best!



developerindia Thanks for sharing your knowledge , I will follow these instructions.

Thank you for the tips…

Thankyou! Yes, follow them, I used to do the same. Now I’m a level-2 seller. I reached to level-1 seller in little span of time like just 20days. All the best!

You are welcome!

Tnx for your tips


I hope it works for me as well.

Here’s my problem: all of the jobs listed aren’t jobs they are people looking for jobs. How am I ever supposed to see actually jobs to apply for?

Hello flowers132!

Are you serious all of the jobs are posted by sellers? Well, that’s not a problem I too faced those issues earlier. Only 2-4 requests you could see out of 100 ads.

Actually fiverr itself doesn’t allow to post such job seeking requests, they are manually reviewed and will be made live.

Try to read the requests carefully and send offers, don’t waste offers by sending to job seeking requests. You might not have sufficient offers to send if jobs actually available. So careful while sending offers.

All the best!



Welcome patowriter!

Definitely it works for you! All the best :slight_smile:


Nice one!

Since I’m new here, I’m yet to record my first sales

All the best craftempire :slight_smile:

What do you mean by keep sending out offers? What are offers?

Keep sending : You keep on sending the seller offer to buyer request.

Offers: Buyers usually create a request about their work. Now a seller must send an offer ( cost & time frame details) to buyer request in order to get the project


Thanks for sharing your knowledge

You are welcome! reevatul