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Tips for getting my first order?

Do I kinda just have to sit around and wait for someone? Is there anything I can do? Like, is there a way for me to apply to jobs?

Also, why is my profile photo pixelated under the “about the seller section” when I uploaded a high res photo?
On my actual profile it’s fine. I also tried different photos. Submitted a ticket but haven’t heard back.


Figure out what everyone else is selling in your niche.
Offer a 24-hour turnaround.
Create attractive images.
Send buyer requests.
Use keywords and key phrases of your gig for easy discoverability.
Best of luck.

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How do I send buyer requests? I’m a bit confused by that. When I click “buyer requests” nothing comes up. Sorry, this is all very new for me.

Fiverr only shows the buyer requests which are related to your gig category. I think, this happens with all, we all see buyer requests 2-3 times a day and the rest we see no requests. So try to be active and keep refreshing the page after every hour you will see them and once done with all 10 buyer request you are free for all the day.

First of all you can read buyer Requirements Carefully
then you send him your best offer

I think its good for getting an Order

hi there @marybethrajotte , im new too on fiver , i just got my first order about last week . you can try to search “fiverr gig ranking” on youtube to understand the fiverr search algorythm, maybe it will help make your gig appear on the first page. and dont forget to do the buyer offers every day .