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Tips for getting orders through social media

Hello everybody.

Which one is more effective way of getting orders through social media promotions (facebook).

No.1 Posting my gig in the groups?
No. 2 Boosting a page post having my gig.


Test that out and see.

Keep in mind, though, neither of those are going to be successful, unless the people seeing your posts and content are the exact targeted customers you are trying to convince to hire you.


Just sharing gigs on social media will never get your orders unless and until the people your target are related to the service your provide. So, target the people which will be interested in your service and you will will get sales from borh methods.

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So how we find those customer which has to be targeted in a social media promotion campaign (especially post boost)

It’s slightly more difficult with your gigs, as you’re offering more than one type of gig.

You need to be looking to target anyone who needs a new website, help with excel, a new video etc.

If you feel you need some help to do that, why not invest some of what you make from your next few sales to pay for somebody to do the research for you?

I hate seeing sellers making lives difficult for themselves. If you don’t know who your target market is, how to market to them etc., just pay somebody else to do the research for you if you can. You’re on Fiverr to earn money from what you can do well, not to struggle trying to work out how to do something you find really difficult. That’s how real-world businesses would do it, and Fiverr’s no different. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you can’t or won’t pay for somebody else’s services, then you’ll need to rely on Fiverr to bring you the traffic you need, or learn social media marketing for yourself.

Good luck! :sun_with_face:


Seriously? Who are you trying to sell your services to? Those are your target customers. Where do you think you would be able to find those people? Those are the places to go look for them.

Marketing is only hard if you don’t want to do the research that makes it possible. :roll_eyes:

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Your target is to reach customers, do it anyway other than google adwords, don’t break TOS, that is it

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shareing a gig Social media you are getting a order !!