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Tips for getting sales on my Gig?

I’ve created two gigs (one for writing creative stories for people, and another for creating wallpapers for fictional characters of one’s choice). Unfortunately, like most new sellers, I haven’t been successful at gaining any sales. Yet I have a ton of impressions and a couple of views and clicks. Am I doing something wrong, or am I not doing enough?

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Your Gig description is just like your are not serious seller
“High quality designs aren’t in my skill level yet. Do not try to purchase this lol” ???
People want the best from the best, and you failed to convince buyer to order

Need to improve your description further and try to sound professional, not just a part timer :slight_smile:

Wish you luck


I’m really not looking to be professional, just something I love and want to do, and earn money while at it. I don’t know how to be any more serious than I already am with this, so can you provide some examples or whatever?

Fiverr is a professional freelance services website. The sellers that succeed here are offering professional services to buyers who need those services within a variety of projects. Approaching Fiverr as a hobbyist site isn’t wrong, but it might not result in the kind of sales you are looking for.


People are buying because they have professional needs. Someone with professional needs isn’t going to purchase from someone who is clearly “not looking to be professional.”

Buyers here have business to do. They aren’t here to play games and experiment with amateurs.

“So can you provide some examples or whatever?” This says it all. You not only don’t want to behave professionally. You don’t want to do the work to improve your business. We’re not here to do it for you. There are literally thousands of examples even in Fiverr alone if you research them for yourself.

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I just wanted examples on how to be better. Even if there are numerous tips around this site, some, if not, most may not be for me. I don’t see what’s wrong with just asking for tips to improve my service, but alright.
I’m a serious person, but not THAT serious. This site isn’t just for professionals, either

So basically this site is really only for “professional” people?

Yes, the search for professional, high-quality freelance services is why buyers come to this site.


Check this out:

I guess it depends on how you define professional.
For example I have a friend who is an amazing singer, and if he wanted to,
I’m sure he can start a singing gig here.
He’s not a pro, he’s a regular guy who works at the office but loves to sing.

BUT, the moment he decides to charge money for his singing, I guess that makes him a professional…?
There are plenty of people here who offers their services who are not professionals, but I guess
you should be at a certain level if you are going to ask for money.

OK, so putting the whole professional topic to the side.
I went and checked your gig, I’m sorry but I can see why people are not buying your gigs.
You are offering a wallpaper design, and you have only one sample image.
Did you look around and check other popular sellers’ gigs???


Sorry Bro! Fiverr is a professional freelance services website.At first you have to need professionalism .

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create all gigs how much you are able to. Then wait and be patient.

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I’ve literally seen other people on this site put one 1 sample image in they’re Gig, and they’ve gotten a lot of sales, regardless.