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Tips for getting tips!

Hi to this beautiful community, since it is my first post on these forums! I would like to contribute with a topic as title describes. I’d like to add that I’m into content writing.

Getting tips as as a seller, when you deliver your orders is something I really love. It showers me with positive energy, it is a sign of recognition of my hard quality work. It is a pleasant surprise that boosts my efforts and strengthens the bond between the seller and the buyer.

Since 80% of my buyers are returning buyers, I figured out few factors that help you get tips. Here they are:

1. Communication

Communication is key! It is absolutely crucial to any great result. Understanding clearly what the customer demands and for who you are working is so important. A good communication with low response time will create an environment for a cooperation that can last long too. Clear pre-order requirements is a must too.

2. Go the extra mile

Usually when I got time and inspiration, or when the topic has potential, I sometimes communicate with the buyer to inform him that I’m willing to write more words since I can’t deliver him something less than I can. This is of course with a disclaimer that it is “out of charge”. Most of the times, recognizing and appreciating the extra work, buyers will offer to tip or buy extra gigs.

3. Fast delivery

Provided you got the time, delivering a custom offer 15%-20% faster than the deadline is something that usually brings tips.

4. Show genuine interest

But, don’t “Tryhard”. Showing genuine interest, besides the business part, is a more humanitarian approach that sometimes is recognized. From big companies to, small companies, people these days would like to hire someone who they can trust. There are always the strictly business customers but there are customers who want a long lasting partnership. To win tips, you must show interest.

I hope I helped a little bit by adding these tips. Getting tips it’s not about the money, although frequent tips can me respectable source. Getting tips it’s about the feeling, the recognition you are getting that fuels your efforts.


nice tips, thanks a lot…

To be honest, sellers should not be here, on Fiverr, to earn tips. Sellers are here to provide their services as a solution to the needs of their target customers. You’re here to help people, and earn an income doing so. If buyers voluntarily choose to provide a tip, thank them for their kindness. But you’re not here to earn tips – tips are an unexpected bonus – tips are not the goal of freelancing.


good tips! thats true! Trust, communication, some extras, and speed of your responses!it really works!


I never think about getting tips. Getting tips says a lot about a buyer as much as the seller. Some buyers never tip no matter what and some always tip.

I would like to see some changes in how fiverr requests tips.

When they give specific percentages it stops buyers from giving larger tips. I used to get big tips all the time and started wondering why my tips were small consistently until I saw how fiverr lists a choice of percentages of the total sale as a tip: 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and these don’t come to the size of the tips I used to get. Someone would give me a $35 tip for example on a $100 order. Not any more.

They need to have only a blank space or box to put the amount of the tip.


I wonder if that’s changed since you last saw it. I recently received a tip that was 80% of the order cost. I literally had this expression: :flushed:

Why was I :flushed: ? Because I never expected a tip, much less such a nice one.

If you work for tips, you WILL be disappointed. If you serve without expectation of a bonus, it’s just that much more wow if it does happen.


Thanks for your informational tips… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for your tips.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It seems there is a tip, a shortcut for everything…but I disagree. To me, the truth is that you can follow rigorously every suggested step and end up without a tip. It happened to me: I had a very happy and returning buyer that never left a tip, but bought once an extra. Then, another buyer left a tip. My first - and only - tip since the beginning.
If you work to get tip, as others said before, you’ll be disappointed. That’s because, no matter what you do, leaving a tip is up to the buyer.
Providing a good service, deliver in time and be professional and polite it’s the basis of this work, not an extra.


I’d like to offer a slightly different perspective on tips.

While it’s clear from your feedback that your buyers are very pleased, in my opinion clients who leave tips often only do so because they perceive they’ve received extraordinary value for the price paid. In other words, very few buyers actually leave tips based only on a job well done (some buyers do, but most don’t).

You offer 500 words of original researched writing for $5. In the real world, this is extremely low. Although your gig has attracted only 5 star reviews, I would suggest the main reason your buyers are tipping you is because they know they’ve received a complete bargain. It’s a guilt thing.

I would therefore suggest that it is far better to set a fair price in the first place. This ensures the buyer pays the market rate, and you receive a fair payment for your hard work - and there is no element of chance over whether you will be tipped in order to increase your overall payment to something more worthwhile.

Another point is that by only charging $5 you are perpetuating the misguided belief that Fiverr is a place to go for cheap work.

Those are my thoughts. Whatever though, your buyers are clearly happy with the service you are providing - so from that point of view well done!


Thanks, All point are valuable

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I have won a tip before from a buyer. And these are the things that I exactly done to get that tip. Thanks for sharing this information. It will definitely work😇

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I pretty often get tips, in most cases buyers would tip me with 20$.
From my experience that happens, when I take the customers idea, realize it, but put a sweet cherry on top - I dont mean extra work, but to enhance what a customer has in mind will flash him/her :slight_smile:

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That’s great. Thanks for sharing.

I really enjoyed reading through this. I remember the first time I got a tip. It was just $5 but the feeling was worth a lot more. Great read👍🏽

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I won’t disagree. I intentionally undersell my gigs. Normally my prices should be higher since I provide high quality content. I’m not saying that Fiverr is a place to find cheap work. Somehow, at the beginning I must get orders and build up portfolio and reviews and survive competition.

Edit: I’m getting tips and reviews for exceptional services that stand out.

I don’t tip like I used to. At the beginning, I’d tip on every order, if it was good.

  • Now that sellers have raised prices and getting fair compensation, there is no need.

  • I used to tip on Regular Sellers, it’s good karma for future work. Now that 5r has raised client’s fees, I don’t tip on every order but maybe on every 4th to 8th order.

  • If I tip $5/$10 on every order, its $16 in fees, If I tip $40 on every 4th order, it’s $2 in fees. I run a small side business and have to work within a budget.

  • I find asking for tips is annoying. I love giving a little surprise with I truly get over the top work far below market value.

  • I really, really love :star_struck: tipping my regulars who always give me that extra touch and never guilt me.


Thanks for the valuable tips.

Welcome tips for sellers

When I was bartender- I earn huge tips by showing magic tricks :smiley: