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Tips for getting your FIRST SALE! :)

Hey everyone,

I know a lot of Fiverr sellers have so much trouble getting their first sale, so I’m here to try to help with that. I’ve actually gotten a lot of messages lately that are promoting their own Fiverr gigs, and I’m here to tell you, that doesn’t really work.

So here’s my big suggestion/contribution, and I want to know what you guys think of it-Promote your gigs in REAL LIFE! I know that may sound like a crazy thing to all you internet marketers out there, and I agree that internet marketing and promotion is obviously an extremely important part to selling an online good or service, BUT in these messages that I’ve been getting and these Fiverr gig promotions that I’ve been seeing, the gigs haven’t even been ordered once yet and don’t have any ratings. Although Fiverr is a trusted website and I have complete faith in it’s staff to get the scams out of here, these gigs simply aren’t appealing. Since there are no reviews on the gig, then it makes it hard for the buyer to really be able to trust the seller and know for 100% that it will deliver what it promises in a timely and quality fashion. Even if they have all the right pieces to make a gig great-a good video and pictures, informative description, etc.-the quality of the service is not guaranteed.

Therefore, taking it to real life is an extremely viable option to get your gig up and running. People like your family and friends know you well and trust you, and if they need any work done that you offer through Fiverr, tell them about your page. This is actually how I got my first Fiverr sale ever-I was having trouble selling any gigs, and then I told my family about it, and my uncle happened to need a service that I provided. His trust for me has already developed, and he didn’t care that I had no reviews on my gig like the other potential buyers did.

Even more so, you can go out and just talk to people on the street. People will be far more willing to pursue the job of a person that they know is real and genuine and they have met in real life than just some random internet stranger. Go give it a try, see what happens :slight_smile:

Overall, I think real life promotion is a good may to get your gig up and running, whether your first order comes from family, friends, coworkers, or just a person on the street. Indeed, this may just be a lesson on being proactive. To be successful with Fiverr, you kinda need to be a go-getter, and get your gigs out there, be enthusiastic and dedicated.

Any thoughts? I’d love to hear 'em

Best wishes to all, peace

Sheriff’s Note: Place Your Self Promotion in the MYFIVERR GIGS section. Do not hi-jack topics.

I joined fiverr about four years ago but I started actively using it about a month ago. The best way to market your GIGs is to focus on good keywords, simple and short headings work very well…

You also need to do some market research. Take a look at other GIGs and study them. See how you can improve on it, what additional features you can provide and always give excellent customer service. You can market your GIGs on fb, twitter etc but it doesnt get enough lead generations.

Focus on GIGs that people require. Most of my GIGs are for business startups that require documentation to start their business.

Another way to promote your gig, like creating a blog for your gig and posting or updating your blog always with what you offer on fiverr. Commenting on blog related to your gig or guest blogging and joining web 2.0 site like digg, reddit, hubpage etc