Tips for guaranteed instant fiverr fame


I see lots of people wanting top ranking in search, instant sales, a quick TRS badge and they often sad emojis ( :frowning: ) on their posts and they seem to want NEWER and BETTER tips.

Another thing these posts have in common is that they claim to have tried all the existing tips. I guess they’ve read this one and all of these but they simply aren’t good enough.

SO - on a day that is dedicated to giving thanks in my region, I’m referring you to a new post with NEVER BEFORE SEEN tips that will get you those instant orders, top ranking and amazing visibility. You could be featured in an Entrepreneur magazine (or another magazine) by following these tips, but perhaps no one is thankful enough for their own success to have shared these tips before. I refer you to them:

now HERE as my holiday treat.

Ok, even better, I realized that I might be causing the sad people to work too hard by having to click that link above. Here is a quote of these amazing holiday tips. I welcome all positive feedback and reject all negative feedback pre-emptively. Enjoy!

No orders I'm New seller
New Seller, No orders till now!

When you said it with guarantee? Have you ever try it (these tips) by your self?


Try reading them again - maybe with your tongue in your cheek. :wink::slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome article. Thanks :smiley::smiley:


I tried the last one. It works greately :joy:



@fonthaunt here are 2 more badges for you for making this thread lol :star: :star2:

@wp_kid I bet you got top rated pro super duper seller badge with this :laughing:


@wp_kid, you rented a plane for moi? Too kind, monsieur!


What a nice way to start my Friday morning :smiley:

In all honesty though, I gotta say…every time I saw those “give me tips that would
guarantee instant sales” post ( and usually when I check their gigs out they are sloppily put together), I usually reply with “there are NO guarantees,” but the ones you mentioned above will have an effect for SURE. I think the Lady Gaga one will work the best.


So says the watch that speaks in minutes of time.


No badge but a lot of sells, but all gone for the Plane rental :laughing: