Tips for helping that first buyer take a chance


Hello everyone,

I’m new here, been around for 6 days and nobody has bought one of my gigs yet. I know the date when a new seller has his/her first buyer can very widely, but I was wondering whether any sellers had any tips to help that first buyer take a chance. And if any buyers are reading this: what would make you more willing to purchase from an untested seller?

Thanks in advance for all your advice!


Welcome to Fiverr! I have to admit that my first sale came from a friend - I offered to reimburse him for the cost if he tried my gig and didn’t like it. This took away the scare factor and I did his order just like I would have done for anyone – and he was impressed! Sometimes asking a $5 favor of someone you know can go a long way. After that, buyers are much less hesitant.

Additionally, I see that you have a wide range of gigs! I would suggest starting with 1-3 gigs and adding more once you have some proven success with those. Starting small and expanding will generally generate more sales than if you start with too much variety.

Good luck to you!


Fiverr is running a refer a friend promotion that gives your friend a free gig. That might be a way to entice that first sale.

You seem to offer very specific gigs so maybe finding ways to promote your business where your buyers are, for example for your RPG gig maybe promoting in online gaming forums or RPG groups on Facebook. (I don’t know if such things exist)

When I share my gigs on twitter I also include a relevant message or tags.

Good luck!


i had a quick look at your products… they are very specific… which in some ways is good. but unless people are looking for those things… it might be slow going… so maybe get the ball rolling … offer more ‘general’ things that still use your skills… maybe post under ‘reviews’ or under the writing section to offer to write a short script … etc… make your services a bit more general. OR keep what you have but post more broad subject or service… then others see what you do… hope this makes sense. im speaking as a customer… im still new to usiing fiverr. im sure you will get orders soon… anyway 6 days isnt very long… !! give time for people find you :slight_smile: all best.


Reply to @amandygran: Thanks for the advice amandy. Yeah I thought about asking someone to purchase my first gig as well, but I kind of wanted to see if they were strong enough to get their own first buyer. I’m still hoping, but your idea is definitely a fall back. I see your point about having too many gigs… I guess I wanted to make sure that there would be a variety in case one of the other gigs is a flop. But I’ll definitely take what you said under advisement.


Reply to @carriecreative: I hadn’t thought of that, good idea! (there are such forums)


Reply to @starrzz0: Thanks starrzz, I was thinking about adding some reviews and transcripts and such things. What do you generally look for when buying?


@matisyahoo Always go to buyers requests when you are starting out. You have to peddle your goods to get any traction around here. Also, offer things that don’t involve any risk. For example, I first started out sending post cards from the countries I was traveling through. I would just go to the post office and buy the el cheapo stock post cards. Then, no matter where I was, if someone ordered one from that country, I would whip one out of my back pack and send it off. You would have to look awfully close to notice the post mark. So, in that way, I got started. Then, like I say, just banging away on buyers requests. I can’t emphasize that enough. Sellers on here don’t seem to know about it. Submit, submit, submit, until you are blue in the face, 10 a day for a week straight. If you don’t get at least one order, something is wrong.


Reply to @webtelly: Good advice… it took me a while to discover the buyer requests, but I finally found them. You can be sure I’ll start banging away on them, this is also another reason why I though it would be good to have diversified gigs.


It really comes down to finding what customers want. You must conform to customer demands… not customers conform to what you want to provide. When I started, I put out some gigs like… “I’ll teach you how to play chess”. And nobody ordered. So I started poking around to see which gigs were the ones that were getting the orders (where the customer demand is) and asking myself if I could do what that person is doing. I conformed to that demand… and the orders started rolling in. Then it becomes a matter of delivering a quality product and having good customer service.

Don’t give up! You got this!


Hi matisyahoo, and welcome to Fiverr!

Fiverr is a truly awesome way to start earning on the side, and maybe even provide a means to more sufficient income in the future. So congrats on joining!

I actually didn’t make my first sale until about 15 days after joining, and there was another 10-15 day gap between my first and second sale. Here are some tips that helped me get the ball rolling on my sales. I went from nothing to a level 2 seller with 100% positive feedback in only 2 months. I’ve since started receiving a great deal of orders after following the tips I listed below:

  • SEO matters! There are millions of gigs on Fiverr, and one of the best ways to stand out is to be sure you are using appropriate keywords/tags. Be sure they are relevant to your gig, Be sure they are terms people are actually typing in (the Google keyword analytic tool is helpful). Be sure to use your keywords in your gig description. PRO TIP: Look at the guys/gals who are receiving orders by bulk and see what keywords they are using.

  • “A picture speaks louder than a thousand words”… But a VIDEO SPEAKS LOUDER THAN THAT! Fiverr isn’t kidding around when they say videos sell 220% more than gigs without a video. Perhaps something for you to think about.

  • In your gig video, image, and description be sure not to just say "hey, I will do this for $5…) Sell your self! List not only what you are offering, but WHY they NEED what you’re offering. Exploit your qualifications, professional experience, educational background, ec etc…

    I hope these tips help you towards success on Fiverr.

  • Mike


Thank you Mike and David!

@david_ff, Yeah I can see what you mean. I erased four of my gigs and retooled. Hopefully my new gigs will be the sort of thing buyers want.

@freelancepromw, do you think I sell myself in my description for my research assistant gig? :