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Tips for improving my gig?

I recently opend my gig and I´m looking for improvements. Some people are clicking on my Gig but nobody is ordering anything. Can you help me?



read my post you will able t solve your problem.

Thanks for your reply, but i don´t know what i should change. Would you be so kind to take a quick look at my gig and tell me what to change?

you change the photo having layer background people thing that you cut the photo and pasted in a good nature photo.
you please change the thumbnail of your gigs show a photo like
a person click photo in a regular place like on road in school .
change that photo background .

or if you want to present it in a other way contact me.

your offer is so great with a large quantity of work you will definitely grow your gigs and will get lots and lots of order I make my friend have much order because of he no adobe photoshop in a good way I look like you also know then you can also reach to many orders.
your gigs need an attractive thumbnail which we will provide you with full of your offer and contain so no one can able to stop offering you.