Tips For Improving your Stats


Flash Alert: We’re all human, and with the same criteria standards for all levels, everyone from Level 1 to TRS has the ability to be demoted.

Here are my stats back in November when the new evaluation system was launched:

and here are my stats now:

With 60 days notice, I had the ability to turn my account around and you do to. Here are 3 tips to improving your stats:

Response Rate
Create an auto reply message applicable for every message you receive. Think along the lines of “Thank you for your message. I’m currently out-of-office but will get back to you ASAP”. When a new message is received, simply send that auto reply and assign it to a label in your inbox, such as “Follow Up”. One of the reasons my response rate dipped was due to me often seeing messages whilst “on the go”, thinking I’d get back to them later (as the messages were detailed with attachments) and often missing the deadline, forgetting about them or them just no longer being applicable. Simply put: AS SOON AS YOU SEE IT, SEND IT. Tools such as the Fiverr Mobile App allow you to manage this easily.

Order Completion Rate
The biggest issue I’ve heard about this rate is the fact a lot of cancellations are unavoidable (such as fraud purchases, incorrect orders, insufficient funds etc). The focus here seems to be on the lost orders and how they affect your percentage as opposed to gaining NEW orders to reduce their impact on your average rate. These types of cancellations can’t really be fought directly by sellers but we can be proactive in reducing their impact by gaining more orders.

“but gaining more orders isn’t that simple” - I argue it can be.

I see some sellers recommend lowering your pricing to gain an influx of orders. Whilst this technically would work, it devalues your services, has the ability to swamp your work log (impacting on-time deliveries?) and puts unnecessary pressure on you.

Rather than concentrating on gaining new custom, why not think about upselling to your current/old buyers? Let me give you an example. A buyer purchases my logo gig. They love the design and ask if I can then create a social media banner. Instinctively, you add that charge to your order and the buyer pays. In that outcome, you’ve performed 2 separate tasks yet only have one completed gig. As the buyer has requested work outside of your initial offering, send them a custom quote to their Fiverr inbox instead - fairly creating two different gigs for the 2 different tasks. This may also have a positive impact on your “rating” criteria as well. Simply put: Split multiple tasks outside of your original scope

On-time Delivery
This was one I used to massively struggle with. The reason was twofold:

  1. I never used the deadline extension tool within the order resolution.
  2. I never altered my delivery times based on order quantities

There are 3 simple ways to make sure you are always delivery ontime:

  1. Send extension requests if you know you’re going to be late (you are only penalised for this if you are doing it with a high percentage of your orders). Don’t leave this until the last minute, otherwise you’ll end up with an annoyed buyer and a very small timeframe for them to reply. From experience, 99% of buyers are happy to add on atleast a day during a busy period. However, as a rule of thumb, NEVER extend extra fast delivery orders. Buyers have paid a premium for this and orders should be treated as such. If you find yourself sending a lot of extension requests, consider editing your gig delivery times in general.

  2. If a buyer messages you to confirm an order total or something about your gig before ordering, always send a custom quote. A custom quote allows you to set your own dynamic delivery date based on how busy you are. For example, let’s say I have 5 things due in 2 days, nothing today and my gig delivery time is 2 days. If the buyer purchases, that makes it 6 things due on the same day and I’m put under stress. It makes more sense to throttle your own delivery times by sending custom quotes for 1 or 3 days - always averaging out the amount of orders due each day. You could change your gig delivery times frequently but it’s a massive pain to edit all of your gigs at the same time - it’s far easier to send out custom delivery times on-the-fly.

  3. If you are really struggling, consider activating the queue limiter in your account. This takes you out of search temporarily but also allows you to “get your house in order” without having to go in vacation mode or lose repeat custom (repeat customers don’t often find you via search, they find you via your order history).

I hope some of these tips help :slight_smile:


Sounds good, just one question:

What’s the chance that CS will see this as manipulation, like with sellers who used to split a task into several orders so they’d get more reviews?


That’s where it’s important the work is requested outside of your initial offering. I’ve written posts before about having gigs that compliment eachother so you can interlink sales - that feeds into that.

For example, someone may come to me for a website report. Within that report I may look at their site and recommend they create or improve their logo. That is clearly separate work and a different task. A good rule of thumb is to think about your live portfolio - is the work you are performing appropriate for the gig’s live portfolio? If it isn’t, then it’s outside of the scope. So in that instance, the logo design would go in my logo design gig and LP, and the website report in the website gig and LP. Two separate tasks/orders generated from one interaction.


Is it allowed to do web work in some other catagory like in logo designing? If I don’t have any web gig?


If you’re offering web services, why don’t you have a web gig?


:slight_smile: Absolutely true.

Also, repeat clients won’t be repeat for long if the orders and response rates are consistently late.

I quit using an ebook designer because of late deliveries with no explanations. I took my money to another seller. 5r didn’t lose money, I didn’t go to another platform.

I just went to someone on 5r, with equally great talent, that value my time as much as they want me to value theirs.


Thank you for replying. I’m just asking because it takes time to create first gig of that specific category. So can we send custom offers of some other category and do the work that is not stated in gig description?


Thanks for your awesome information.


Those are great tips. My biggest issue has been completion rate. I ended up having a string of buyers cancel for reasons that were beyond my control. While I do not think the system is fair to punish sellers for things outside of their control, I also had to make a choice. I could stress and complain or I could adapt to the reality of my situation and take action.

I knew I needed more orders fast so I could raise my completion percentage. I changed one of my best selling gigs. The lowest package used to be I would write 5 emails for $150. I changed that option to the middle tier and started offering one email for $30. Notice, my rate per email message is the same. Right away I started to get more orders.

I also went to my contact list on Fiverr and sorted it by amount spent. I noticed a few buyers who have made regular orders in the past. I reached out to them in a non-spammy way to see how they were doing and to let them know about some changes I had made since they last ordered. A few of those buyers also ended up placing orders.

No matter how you feel about the new level system, if you are serious about your business it is your responsibility to adapt to the new reality.


Great!!! keep it up


This is good information for a new member!! I am trying to improve me :slight_smile:
I am new here but i have experience in developing area … Here no one helping a new guy without suggestion :slight_smile: (its enough) thats why always new member down there gigs price :frowning:


Have a look around the forum again please - there’s lots of great information for new sellers including the UPYOUR series of posts. :sunny:


Great tips really :slight_smile: Surely learned something new.


This is great! Thanks so much for these tips!