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Tips for increasing income per sale?

Hello there,

So, here’s my story. I started Fiverr about a month or so ago. I’ve since streamlined my offerings, learnt a lot about what makes a successful gig, and made some good sales.

What I want to ask today is about how to increase the income of each sale. In other words, my gigs are successful now but I’m putting in a lot of work and effort for just $4 a pop. My gig is writing high-quality and original articles.

Thank you in advance for any insight,


It’s awesome that you are doing well. Since you offer a writing related gig you might be able to increase the income per sale by charging by the word count. For example say you’ll write a 150 word Linkedin Pulse article and offer extras such as 150 words for $5 or extra fast delivery.

Try to create more gigs, colonize niches with low sellers and high sales percentage and make sure to always remind the buyers that you will love to work on their next projects. Don’t be surprised when they refer you to their friends.

I agree with the others suggestions, you can also add extra’s that @carriecreative suggested.

yeah all like you !

I agree with others . also you can add some gig extras .

Offering extra fast delivery is a good extra that you can add and sure way that will increase your sale per gig. Of course not every customer will order it, but you can surely find some who will use and order it.

I agree that adding both the “extra fast” option, and gig extras are important. And, I can’t emphasize enough that developing a good relationship with the buyer is key. Ask questions. keep up your communication, always up sell and make sure to remind them to contact you the next time that they need work done. Best of luck!

even i am also not getting sales i also add extra Gigs to satisfy cutomers

Hi there. What you can do is to lessen the number of words you’re offering like if you’re offering 1000 words, you can change it to 500 words to get the double amount. I did the same. Started with 1000. now I offer 500. 1000 words needed a lot of hard work and research too. Good luck!

I am also a writer and I have reducing the number of words I offer in my blog post gig. I started with 400, then reduced to 350 and then to 300.
I still keep my previous offer to regular clients, and everytime I reduce the number of words I write them to let the know.
This way I try to make happy my loyal clients, but making the most of my time.

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In the start you have to offer your service in low price but once you build up the number of the customers,you can increase the rate of your service.

Yes the tips are really impressive.

  1. you should charge by counting letters.
  2. you should add gig extras.
  3. you should add more gigs
  4. and one from my side you should consistently change some of your gigs important (like descriptions, new feeds, gig extras, pictures, portfolios etc.)

all are impressive.

All of these ignore the perfectly obvious: people simply don’t read.

Which is fine, but you get punished for their ineptitude.

Hello! This is just a note to let you know that since your post is a question about your own sales needs and not a general tip for other sellers, it really belongs better in another forum category. Fiverr FAQ is good for broad questions although since yours is more specific, Rate my Gig is also a potentially good choice.

It’s awesome

I charge for doing research on the writing. Anything that takes you time should cost the buyer money. So when I’m re-writing an article it’s less expensive. If it’s something on a topic I’m familiar with, I can give a reduced rate. If it’s something I know nothing about and have no interest in, it’s going to take me longer to research & absorb the information. An article took me a long time to research, the buyer wanted more articles on the same subject I would rather do more interesting smaller jobs. I quoted them a higher price based on all the research and keyword use etc. – they didn’t like the price, I said that was OK. So I didn’t insult them by saying I hated the job, I just offered to do it for enough money to be worth the pain.