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Tips For Increasing sales?

Hello , I’m in my 2nd Week of Fiverr I’ve made around $100 with 9 Sales and Revived 7, 5 Star Reviews but since I haven’t made any sales! Any tips ? Thanks in advance ! - Deaven Miller

Fiverr is a business, they have the right to earn a profit off of anyone who chooses to use the services of this site. 20% of all profit a seller makes is not a bad deal. I work on/with another (non-freelance) website that only lets me keep 10% of what I make. When you think about it, the fact that Fiverr keeps 20% and lets you have 80% is a very deal.

I’m sorry and understand your concerns but I don’t think you’ll actually find support for removing tips. If Fiverr didn’t take commission on them, they would have to remove the option for tips entirely.

Unfortunately some sellers would abuse the tip function by asking buyers to spend $25 on a gig (example) but suggest a $5 gig with a $20 tip as payment and thus they would avoid the commission on the majority of the sale. Fiverr wouldn’t be able to operate without making money. It’s great that you like Fiverr, though, and I wish you the best of success!

Awesome feedback! Wish you the best of success also!