Tips for level 2 sellers?


2 months in fiverr and already level 2 seller.

any tips from pros? :slight_smile:


What tips are you looking for?
I am also a level 2 seller did over 2000 sales so far. Earlier I was granted Top level seller batch but I was unable to kept it because I got ill and had to be inactive for around 1 year. But after recovering from my illness I came back to work. I was shocked that I saw I lost the Top rated badge and replace it will level 2 badge. But I constantly got sales without any problems. I made several requests to take it back. But all took down. Anyway I can give you one tip. Don’t be inactive for long period, you will lost your rankings. Hope this helps.

Good luck


Hi Christina,
Thanks for sharing your experience. I want to continue it for at least next 6 months. So I’ll try to stay online as much as I can.

I’m actually asking for those tips where you starting to have a sudden overflow of customers. How to deal with it and also you get a lot of text.

Should I reduce my gig and have few gigs and maybe bring the price up or something? I’ve been selling stuff for really low price.

Thanks again and have a great day!


As I see you are having only 47 reviews. Therefore you are not yet ready to demand your services. If you demand too much your clients will easily find sellers who are having more reviews. Therefore be patience until you have at least over 500 reviews. All know that fiverr is a cheap market. So no one is looking for expensive services.

Although the Fiverr is brings you buyers, it expect some contribution from your side. That means Fiverr expect you to bring customers to their platform as well. Therefore do some social marketing for you gig.

There is nothing called “sudden overflow of customers”. It is a gradual increase of customers with time and your dedication.

I don’t think you need to reduce your gigs.

Have a great day.


Thank you so much for your reply Chistina. You mentioned some really good sides there. Deeply appreciated.