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Tips for more order

I need some tips to get more orders, One of my gigs is on the first page if I usage active filter . Without any filter, it is on the 2nd page. So why I can’t get at least one order in a day. Please help me


this is my website

i don’t tell about any website?

i am also struggling with this issue so i made my own website and took the adsense and now i am earning with Mera up Bihar this thing is wanted to share with you

i see how much you earning from the website in a month?

i just started and i have collected around 2 dollars in 7 days
i will earn more but it will take time.

this earning is only from ad?

yes this is all from ads

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great…and how much you invest to make the website

Be patient on your work

I can help you about creating website if you are looking for

in the future maybe not now

It may take time brother. be patient

yes i am waiting when my dream comes true