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Tips for my profile?

i am losing impressions, clicks, views what can i do for my gig?

Hi there,

What are you doing outside of Fiverr to promote your gig?

It’s just like any other business. You cannot rely on Fiverr alone to bring you all your customers!

You should constantly be advertising your service on your dedicated social media channels. Forum marketing is also a very great thing. PPC and SEO are also very good ways to begin getting your orders flowing again.

If you are not constantly promoting your gig, then believe me that your competitors are!

Once you start promoting your gig, you may see it naturally rise up the Fiverr search rankings as well as a nice side effect :slight_smile:


thank you for your valuable comment. i am sharing my gig on my social media but my gig didn’t come up in fiverr there anything wrong in my gig title or description?