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TIPS for new buyers: graphic file format

Hi dear costumer, as a result of my work experience I decided to write a series of posts with some tips for buyers. This post is dedicated to the types of file format in cui you can save a graphic, photograph or anything that falls in the graphic design world.

Among the most common formats we are:

JPG: Joint Photographic Experts Group. file format based on the use of pixels. This file format is the most used in the photograph to the report data compression / image quality. The basic properties of the image are incorporated into a single layer.

PNG: Portable Network Graphics. raster file format used on the Internet, Allows you to maintain transparency and is Particularly light. The basic properties of the image are incorporated into a single layer.

EPS: Encapsulated PostScript. It is a vector file format that contains Enquire which allow the modification of the database. Thanks to its broad compatibility is suitable to “encapsulate” and enclose the file data to be transported.

PDF: Portable Document Format. It is an open file format, widely used in the press and that, depending on the basic settings, it can save or not the compatibility with other programs and the possibility of modfiy the file. It contains any resolution files.

AI: Adobe Illustrator. The file format of the homonymous program. With the use of this format the file Retains all its proproietà and is editable. Illustrator works through “curves and vectors” So the image can be scaled without losing definition.

PSD: Photoshop. The file format of the homonymous program. With the use of this format the file Retains all its proproietà and is editable. Photoshop works with pixels, with this format you can store many properties including levels and color profiles.

I hope this guide will be useful,
See you soon.


Hi Alessandra,

Thank you very much for this information. I am a new buyer here and while I know what I want in terms of an illustration, I was not sure what I needed in terms of the format. It was very kind of you to explain this. I appreciate it.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

The best and most useful formats will be PNG and EPS. While png will serve you every where. EPS vector files are the best and most suitable for printing.

When a gig for say a logo says social media package or social media kit what does that mean?

It means we provide Social banner and Profile picture


However, how do I use a file format for a business card. I received png and jpg files and when I open them, they open in my ‘pictures’. I cannot edit them to make the files usable for business cards. I asked the seller several times if I could use the file for business card and he assured me I could.
Many of us use fiverr because we don’t have the fancy software needed to create graphics. How do I ask for a file format without getting yelled at by a buyer (which I did, the guy was condescending in his response)

As as designer i know all the file formats and the uses but Nice post for the buyers to understand them what files they can use at where and what files are important for them.
Great Post:)

You can ask him for editable files. Once you got editable files for example PSD files.
And if you want to edit these files thanks to Adobe that they are providing any software for one month free trial. Just download it and you can edit files.

Editing files is simple task. Download Adobe Photoshop and edit and save again.

Its simple like using Microsoft office Program. Designing is difficult but miner editing you can do yourself.

By the way you should ask the seller before order that what file types she/he will provide with order delivery.

Hire only friendly people like me :slight_smile: I am keep intouch with my buyers until their fully satisfaction.

That’s why i have 180+ Happy clients they added 5 star feed back for me and i am happy also.



Hi, I have come across your profile while searching for buyers in the graphics niche. Some of my services include ecover design logo design video animation and general adobe photoshop work I will be glad to do any of your graphics needs. Please feel free to contact me if you have any question. Warm regards

This information is intended only for graphic designing it helps a lot.

This information is intended only for graphic designing it helps a lot

Ask for editable files, as @abidagfx has stated, so you can do some minor editing on your own. I’d add that .psd files can also be edited in a free, open-source application called GIMP (they spell it in all caps; I’m not yelling out the name. Haha). Good luck!

Great Thanks!

PNG and JPG are editable, as every other format is.
Gaiawise, has not the software to edit them. With all due respect, but she is very unclear in what she actually plans to do with the files she received by the seller.

  1. Is the file already a representation of her business card? In other words: is it the business card?
  2. Is she trying to print the business cards by herself, or is she trying to upload the files to a printing service like Vista Print and does she have problems with fitting the file into her template?

@gaiawise The reason that they open in your ‘pictures’ is that you have the file types associated with this program in the settings of your computers operating system.
It is possible that the seller (whoever it was) became inpatient, what is of course no reason to yell at you. He should rather learn to ask the right questions in order to help you with your problem.

@abidagfx your reply is on the verge of spam and pathetic.

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Hello, while this was a little helpful in the sense that I now understand a little more the difference between them, I would like to know which would be more beneficial for me to get so I can upload to Vista print for business cards, menus, or for clothing. I already know exactly how I want my logo to look and the colors that I wanted used.

This was great information. I appreciate you explaining this list of options. Maybe youcanhelp me.
I am new to tshirt design well really I had a great idea for a tshirt but wanted a professional to do the art so I can put it on a print on demand tshirt.
So I bought a fiverr gig to provide the design which I naively thought would be easy to open and edit like clipart on Publisher. Silly silly me. So now I have ai source files that won’t open on my computer. I installed gimp (which I’ll have to learn) and thought that would read the file or at least open it. But no. I am getting error messages. Any idea of what I might be doing wrong? Hanks for any help you may have.

great, for replying a 4 years old post, I think you can find a recent post for help :slight_smile: