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TIPS for new buyers: logo design, vector, raster and source files

Hi everyone, I happened several times that some customers ask me advice on types of file formats to be purchased and logos features that order. For this reason I decided to write this article dedicated to all buyers, so you can better understand the world of graphics.

What is the difference between a vector logo and a raster image?

A “rasterized” logo is delivered in a non-editable file format, but can be used for printing or internet. The raster logo is made up of pixels, or if you enlarge the image of shells, which is why it is important to have this logo in high resolution if you want to print. It is like a photograph.
Some file formats are JPG, PNG, PDF

A “vector” logo is handed over in a file format editable by the specific graphic programs, it can be utilized for printing or internet. The vector is made up of geometries that programs read like “curves and vectors,” when you do not scale shells and you can amend some of its characteristics. The vector logo is highly usable for many purposes, and retains excellent quality. Some file formats are EPS, AI, SVG, PDF (editable and compatible)

What it means to source files?

For source files it means the delivery of the original file of the logo, with the ability to change the logo itself, save different file formats or store the fonts that the graphics used for the logo. If you have available a program compatible with that format.

Hope you like this post :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing this as many buyers asked me that before…hope the buyers will get to know about this now and will help them to understand what they are actually looking for…!!

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Just a small correction: PDF files are not vectorial… there might be some case(not sure if it will happen to you) to receive rasterized file under .eps(vector) extension…I’ve met many scammers several years ago

Sometimes , buyers just take a look on how many times the gig was sale!
But there is really good designers waiting someone to buy from them.

You’re right, I have an imperfection wrote: I meant to vector PDF PDF that maintains compatibility with Illustrator, then the ability to edit the curves.
I wrote this post just to inform and prevent customers from being cheated by dishonest sellers.

Thanks for sharing,appreciated…