Tips for new Graphic Designers-1


Hello my colleagues,
I am working on Fiverr since 2016 and am a level two seller. i am working on Graphic design, i have several gigs related with design. I love to work but its not like that i have a huge orders. But from my little experience, I have decided to share my knowledge with the new comers who are frustrated. hope it may help you.

tip 1. When you are bidding for a job make sure you understood the job then write a nice offer letter so that he/she be impressed and be convinced that you understood him nicely.

tip 2. Use attractive images on your gig. for making your work attractive practice a lot.

tip 3. When a buyer response on your bid or inbox you for query try to answer fastly and try to answer all his question in short but clearly.

tip 4. don’t feel shy to ask. ask a lot of questions so that the work done properly. before starting work ask about size, color, color mode (RGB/CMYK) etc.

tip 5. show a draft before delivery so that you get proper suggestion from your client about the job. it reduces confusion and revision requests.

tip 6. dont forget to ask him about which format he/she wants the final delivery. if he/she need source file then tell them whether you are offering it for free or not.

This is all for today. Happy fiverring. keep me in your prayer. :slight_smile:

Thanking you,

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