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Tips For New Seller 2020

Welcome to the Fiverr Community… If you want more order then flow the guidelines.

  1. First find out low competitor gig keyword.
  2. Make attractive title with low competitor gig keyword.
  3. First add low competitor gig keyword in the tag section (Add 5 tag).
  4. Make Pro gig description with your low competitor gig keyword (Minimum add 10 keywords in the description).
  5. ADD minimum 10 FAQ question with pro answer
  6. Make an Eye-Catching Image with your work sample
  7. And add last 2 work sample image
  8. And PDF section add your work sample as PDF

I think you get more orders asap.

Thanks For your time


Very helpful instruction.


Original tips. Nothing in your post is original or new.
It’s against the forum rules to create duplicate posts.

Or in some of these, useful. Number 5, for example, is pointless if you’re not putting in FAQs that are useful to a potential client. Number 6, what about categories that have no visual element? Same with 7 and 8, in regard to useful visualization.

Plus, you’ve been on Fiverr since September, and only have 2 rated sales. You’re not qualified to offer advice on getting orders.


Thank you so much, amazing tips to start!

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Very informative tips.:heart_eyes:

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very helpful information for new sellers

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Very helpful tips

Thanks for the tips, they’ll come in very handy I’m sure.

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Thanks for the helpful information

Thanks for sharing info!!!

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Thanks for the information

Good idea for new seller.

Wow thats nice sir am so happy to read it as a new seller its help me to getting more order.Thank you so much.


Thank you for your helpful information :slightly_smiling_face: