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Tips for new seller [closed but up as example]

Tips For New Seller
I am New but i start getting orders quickly
If you get bored
if you are not getting order
if you are worried about your gigs and your income
i will provide tips which i followed to get order
just message me
i will give you all of my tips
i will provide shot statement to getting orders
Ofcourse you will be the best seller with in few days

Thanks a lot. I believe those tips will be helpful to me

My pleasure
i am available for your help any time

Can you help me to get orders?

Sure dear
follow the point which i shared

You have 7 reviews but are telling people you share “all” of your tips if they message you. Then you promise they will be the “best seller within few days.” This is like saying you get get them level 2 or TRS and at least 5-6 sales day. If true, you would have more sales and better gigs. Unrealistic and will be removed before you get more people’s hopes up.

yes dear i have only 7 reviews
i just join less then 1 month before
i am sharing what the top level told me
i am working in my gigs
I just share what i learn from my old top rated saler

Update : You’ve 10 reviews
10 reviews in just one month.
Wow… that’s really great.

*But why your gig description is an exact copy of another TRS?
*Out of 10 reviews, 7 reviews are from the same country, other 3 accounts have been deleted.

Any lame excuses??

Great Tips. very helpful for new seller. Thanks

Where are the freaking TIPS??


:smiley: lol

very funny :smiley:

@ Fonthaunt thanks for pointing this out. I was going to say the same thing.

@raptargraphix another new seller who just wants to get noticed. I think a lot of these new sellers are desparate for attention and business and think by posting on the forum it will somehow help them which is WRONG!!!

@salmkhan “Senior Reviews” oh please stop, this is absurd!

Good eye. May I add to your case, good Sir, that out of 10 reviews 3 reviews are from someone with a username ending in ‘12’. That tells us either that…well, that, or that we should be gentle. Now wondering, if 'Order this man ’ should be read as ‘Order this man.’ or as ‘Order this, man!’.

I think I won´t even start to wonder about some review wonders, and just patiently wait for my first ones to come in organically.

Thanks for the tips though, OP.

“i follow my seniors”

That must be the tip :wink:

I am realgraphics2d, a beginner and new seller, please your tips could be of great help. I need the tips.

7 reviews from the same country, all created their accounts in October 2016.

One of them seemed to be thanking the TRS you mentioned instead of OP.

All thanks be to the seniors.

You can find plenty of valuable tips in the forum. Just search the category, take time to read and listen to the podcast.