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Tips for new seller liked by fiverr

Hey Everyone here on

I am a new seller here on fiverr and i’ve found the following tips important to excel here on fiverr :-

*** You should be highly skilled at the service you are providing (most important)
*** Your fiverr account must have a face so that the people buying your services know you
*** Start with a slight lower price than you actually charge to get you started
*** Be confident and keep visiting your Fiverr profile regularly

Believe you me, once you start getting orders they won’t stop, the key is consistent hardwork and great skillset.

Mani –


You have been a member for a month and don’t appear to have had any orders. It’s best to leave seller tips to people who have been around for a while and have a steady stream of orders. Use the search bar at the top of the forums to find useful tips to get orders. There are lots of them.

Also - we are mostly sellers here on the forum, so you’re unlikely to get orders by posting simply for the sake of it.

Further - I’m moving your post to the correct category, which, since you’ve linked to your profile, is “improve my gig”.

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your time here.

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