Tips for new seller . ( tips for increase your sell)


Hello guys,
how are you all ?
Today i will share with you few tips that will help new sellers to increase their sells and also share my fiverr journey last 1.5 yers experience.

Firstly there are few tips that you can follow
=> Select your category related images to set as your Gig images. A Perfect image will may increase sell.
=> You can also use a video as your gig thumbnail that should contain your service topics.
=> Always try to send buyer request within short time after publish .
=> Always try to log in / online to your account so that if any buyer message you and if you don’t response asap, you may loss the project and your average response rate will be down.
=> You can use fiverr mobile apps to log in all time with your mobile and it will help you to response and discuss with your clients within short time.
=> Don’t copy another seller’s gig title, description , image , everything.
=> Spend time to few research about your gig tag/keywords. a perfect tag will raise up your gig on first page search list .
=> After publishing your gig, start marketing your gig link on various social media, blog, forum to find your target clients.
=> And finally wait for your success. and i believe that if you follow that rules , you will not be disapear and you will be success.

If you have any question , just comment here, i will try to answer your every question.
will discuss you again in future.
Thanks for your time .

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Hi Friends I am new in fiverr

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Using gig video may increase your sales by 40%.

This quote is valid for each and every situation and business. Build the best customer care service.

Your Facebook friends won’t buy your gig! SO the best idea is promote your gig to your target audience!


yes. thanks for your recommendation.


You’re very welcome! Why don’t you share your fiverr story with us?


yah. i will share my fiverr journey experience with my next topic.
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Could you please suggest some forums or blogs where we can promote our gigs, cause i dont have any idea how i can promote my gig cause i believe that my Facebook and my twitter accounts will not be the right place for that…


Hey I actually got my first ever sale on fiverr only to find out I can’t use Buyer Requests anymore because my customer gave me 4/5 stars. I really did my best, I took care of the customer but I felt like he just gave me 4/5 stars because I was lacking? Anyhow, I can’t use buyer requests anymore because I need 90% reviews.

How do I get out of this situation? I’m really stuck. I feel like I’m dumped with a lot of concrete over me and not being able to get up anymore.


Thank you for this tips…

I am a new seller in WordPress web development plz tell me that how can I rank my gig in first page


Who are my target audience ???


What? Don’t you know about your target audience? :wink::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:
Please do some researches.


thanks for helping new sellers like us


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Thanks very much, for the tips.


Thanks for your tips…


Thanks for awesome tips but I didn’t understand where I can find my target audience to share my gig?

I’m a newbie on Fiverr and I start my journey with your tips. If anyone helps me in details, I would be grateful.



@laasrinadia just search google using your service keywords/ tags.
example: if you serve graphic design the search google “graphic design forum list” , " top graphic design blog list", "Graphic design guest post blog list ", etc.


just try to sell another 1 sell and try to take 5 star. if you get 5 star from your new sell, your average rating will be increase and you can send buyer request.