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Tips for new seller to get orders

Hello I am new seller and need to know what tips should be following by new seller to get first order asap ? . thanks


Hello sir please advise, I am new seller please give me tips for more orders.

Promote your gig every day on social networking sites
Do it all the time
Send the buyer requests (10)
Stay in the Internet for long periods of time with your accounts
Try to find the market for your marketing
Facebook group Share gig
Stay online with your account


You are absolutely right

Hello but I can’t see buyer request . what I do ?

Hello but I can’t see buyer request . what I do now ? Thanks

Look at the buyer request multiple times a day

You are also new ? Can I check your profile link please ? Thanks

I can’t see buyer requests either.

check this out…

The buyer’s request
Usually, the purchasers’ listings you request depend on your gig category. For example, if you have a design labeled label, and if you have the same lead in the Product Label type that creates a Product Label, you can only see requests for purchase labels.
If the buyer is not requesting, it may be that no one has publi shed any new buyers’ requests for anything for your gig.

Being a new seller is pretty demanding, why i said the word “Demanding” its because getting your first order is really difficult, you’re gonna be competing with alot other higher level sellers. Here am gonna give few tips on how to get orders…

  1. Stay Active:
    Activeness matters a lot. As “Fiverr introduced online/offline feature,” it will allow buyers to know that the seller is active or not? If you’re active, buyer will contact you and you can get orders plus sales. In this way, activeness can prove beneficial to make a boost in your orders and sales, with the fiverr filter, sometimes a buyer who is needing to get a job done quickly will need to search for available now feature.

  2. Add Videos to Your gigs:
    According to Fiverr , the gigs having videos sell 220% more than those having just images. You can create videos for your gigs online to increase your chances.

  3. Save Sample Work:
    Every freelancer should create a portfolio website with all sample work it is the best method to share all of your work with one simple link. But if you don’t have a website you need to save your sample work in MS Word file and should send to your buyer because this is the best method to win Job. People would definingly prefer those who have a good experience.

  4. Know your Keywords
    I’d take it that you’re not a marketer—so SEO may sound foreign to you. SEO simply means ‘Search Engine Optimization’.
    Carrying out proper on page SEO involves the appropriate use of tags and Gig Description. You need to add all the relevant keywords to your Gig description and tags. Keywords are the terms buyers are likely to search for when they visit Fiverr looking for freelancers to get a particular job done. Without the right keywords, you won’t show up when search queries are made. However, you must be careful when you add keywords. You mustn’t overuse a particular keyword, or else, it’ll be considered keyword stuffing.

Thanks hope with these tips you had be a top seller.

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