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Tips for new sellers How to apply on buyer request


Hi new fellows,

As a new seller it takes some patience to get first order. But don’t worry soon you will get your order.

•Keep applying on buyer request. Here are some good techniques.
•Avoid using some built in templates
• Write your own proposals.
•Add your experience or sample work while you are applying it’s quite important.
• Link Your past work that you had done before. Upload it on any cloud site and mention it in your proposal. It will make your proposal strong. Most of the time it worked for me
• Always use Some basics of writings like (regards, hi, thank you etc.)
•Use all of your buyer requests per day.

It takes me almost two week of buyer request to get my first order and given 15 revisions to complete my first order. and After that I got my first level badge within first month. And now I\m receiving my order automatically. No need to apply on buyer request :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading,
Add your own experience in comments if you have any, Would love to add it here.

Kind regards,

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Thank you so much mr. Hadsanali for this important information. This will really worth for a new seller like me.


thank you so much for sharing your experience with us …


Thank for your tip will on my new gigs


Helpful information for a new seller to send the buyer request. Make sure you are sending all the buyer request daily.


helpful information really help me …can I give link to my Pinterest site link for previous work sample.??


thank you very much for your suggestions. i have been posted gigs from last 20 days. when & how i should get orders. what else i can do. please suggest


Thank you for wonderful advice.


very nice tips for new sellers :slight_smile:


It would be helpful if you can write a sample for newbies :wink:
Copy one of your offers here that helped you get an order.


thank you very helpful suggestions


Thanks for sharing your experience with us


Absolutely I’ll try to share :slight_smile:


Did you tried buyer requests?


Yes You can show them. As an sample work. Better to upload it on some cloud websites.


How many buyers requests pop up on average daily? Mine has zero at time of writing.


on feb 21 it was more than 30 buyer requests in the category of video animation. You have to create more gigs to get more buyer requests. You can try different categories to get more requests of different areas.

Hello everyone, newbie here!

can you refer any free website


Thanks for sharing your experience with us


I didn’t follow any website I’ve created my own. Try out your own it will be best for you. :slight_smile: