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Tips for new sellers (my story as a seller)

My Personal tips to be successful on Fiverr

Starting Cheap
I will tell you about my own Fiverr Journey. I started out with very, very cheap prices (almost free) to get some reviews on my gig. I kept the same rates for some time. I used to charge $5 for a 2-hour audio/video to transcribe. Now I take $120 for it. You got to start small to get exposure on Fiverr. Once you get 10-15 reviews, you can change the rates.

Buyer request (send quotes)
Send quotes option is your best friend on Fiverr. You get 10 requests each day. Try to use 10 requests daily on the category you are working. Out of 10 jobs, you will at least land 1-2. That’s what I did to get some initial orders on Fiverr. This is where we met. My research gig was not getting order for a month, so opted to send quotes section. Once you get enough traffic on your gigs, you won’t have to rely on buyer requests.

Exceptional customer care
You got to provide exceptional customer care. 80% of my sales are from repeated buyers. If you give them exceptional care and quality work, they will surely come back with more work. You can visit my subtitles gig and see how many repeated buyers I have.

Social media influence
If you have a huge social media influence, it can do wonders for you. Always post about your gig on social media and try to get traffic from it. The more traffic you get; the more impression it will get on Fiverr. Impression makes your profile rank up your gig on Fiverr. The more the views, the more you will be able to rank your gig higher.

SEO (Search engine optimization)
Try different keywords on your gigs. You will have an option of keywords when making a gig on Fiverr. Temper with it a lot and see what works. Once you get some work, stick to the keywords you used.

A strong portfolio
In almost every category, you must have a very good portfolio to attract clients. Once a client visits your gig, you have to convince him of buying the service. Be original on what you write on your gig. Copy paste from web or other sellers doesn’t work.


It is actually a market research which I did for my client. He also said to include my own Fiverr experience.
The market research was on how to be a successful graphic design freelancer.


Thanks for the tips! I’m still getting my feet under me on Fiverr, so I’m glad that there are people like you who will post your thoughts here.


Happy to help :slight_smile: Best of luck on your Fiverr journey


well put together. Thanks for the information

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Thanks for the tips, i’ll surely use them.

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Your post has been very insightful. You’ve answered many of my questions. Thanks!

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very nice tips. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: Your tips are very usefull! I’m still trying to understand how Fiver works

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