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Tips for new sellers part 3....Give amazing customer service!

Welcome to all new sellers! Fiverr is an amazing place and I wish you great success here!

I thought I would start writing posts to try and help all those enthusiastic new sellers who just want to know how they can be successful. Here is my third post. So, a little about myself…
I started my life on Fiverr back in August 2014. I wasn’t sure whether I could be successful, but I was itching to give things a go. I’m not one of those sellers who has managed to buy a house or a car with the proceeds from my sales on Fiverr (more’s the pity) but I have been successful and have made a few thousand dollars on the platform. I provide proofreading, editing and writing services on Fiverr. I love working on Fiverr, and I get the best feeling from making my customers happy. So on that note….

My third tip is….

Give amazing customer service!

We all know that it can be difficult to get you first sale on Fiverr, but it will happen. When it does, a sure-fire way to build your customer base is to make sure you give great customer service. It will keep your customers happy, and believe it or not, the great feeling you get from providing great service will make you want to keep on doing it!
Put yourself in your customers’ position. What do you think they are looking for? What are they hoping for when they are choosing a gig provider? Top of their list will be great customer service. So what do you need to do to give great customer service?
Enquiry stage: First of all, great customer service starts from the moment you have any communication with prospective customers. When replying to an enquiry be sure to be clear, be polite, be positive and enthusiastic. Ask relevant questions so that you can understand their project. Let the customer know that you will be doing your best to give them a great experience and that you will work with them until they are happy with the results.
Order starts: Once the order arrives, reply punctually to let the buyer know that you have received the order and will be working on it soon.
Working on the order: Once you have started working on the order, check in with the customer regularly to update them on progress.
Order delivery: When you deliver the order, make sure to let the customer know that you are happy to help with any problems they have with the order. It’s easy to deliver the order and then just forget about it, but don’t do this! You are not a mind reader, so it is possible that you misunderstood a requirement, or the customer was not clear enough. This means you should give customers the chance to come back to you with any queries or problems they may have with the order. Believe me, it’s in both the buyer’s and your interest to do this. This makes for happy, satisfied customers and leads to great reviews!
Reviews: Be positive about the experience you have had with your buyer. Give your buyer that great feeling of getting a good review too! When your buyer review arrives, be gracious! If the buyer has praised your work, say thank you and let them know you would love to work with them again.

I hope that was helpful! Have a great day! :blush:


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