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Tips for New Sellers to get 1st order

Let’s face it, it’s 2020, almost Everybody fighting against covid19 & trying for some income. I think there is a huge number of new sellers are coming here.
You spend hours setting up your gigs, days waiting for orders to roll in, and weeks trying to hustle your first few sales.
And then… crickets .
I know, because I’ve been there myself. I did the research. I put in the long hours. I took consistent action. And I gave up… multiple times.
Any of this sound familiar?

The good news is, Fiverr isn’t a lottery, and your ability to make money on this platform rests largely on strategy… not luck.

Almost new sellers are waiting for buyer request and sending proposal and worrying that ; I sent buyer request but i did’nt get any single order… like that. Actually Buyer request is just a single window for getting orders. Don’t wait only for buyer request. Keep Promoting your gigs. One day you will get your orders.

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Buyer Requests got me more conversions than social media ever did. But that’s probably because I’m not yet a well-established brand with my target customers already reaching out to me from there. Basically, I was better able to find my target clients there rather than social media. You just have to know how to present yourself, and it could take a few days for people to respond - so expecting immediate results only leads to more frustration.

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