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Tips for new sellers to get first order


Be online for 24 hours
send 10/10 BUYER request daily

note: the proposal should me not longer then 3 to 4 lines

promote your gigs on social media Google plus is a great place for improving gig impressions/clicks/views

The most important thing is communication with clients last month 5-6 clients contact me but they didn’t give me order because of my bad communication! thanks to fiver Forum Mates i learn a lot here about communication!

Thank you!


Hellow everyone hopes so you are good…I am using Fiverr last six months Initially I have no buyer’s request on my Fiverr page but after some days I had some buyer’s request now I have 500 above buyer’s request…this is how I will tell you when you select the category in your gig first category you can’t change ever but the second one you can change it you should have to change it and put the second category like OTHERS when your second category is OTHERS now you can see how much buyer’s request you have…Thank you


This is really helpful . New buyers should follow this.


I would disagree here. I think you can’t write a decent proposal with just 3 lines.

I don’t agree with being online 24/7 either.
Sending 10 requests a day is not a smart goal either :stuck_out_tongue:

Essentially I disagree with your entire post.


:smile: :smile: yeah some errors can find that post


I learned something new again


i learnt some new things thank u


Always sent buyer request it wil help to get gig impressions and always use avaliable now option, fiverr always boost new users gigs It takes one month
Never give up :heartbeat:


good post …! thank you


Thanks…bro for your suggestions


Thanks for amazing tips i hope it will help.


i agree with you . but what is fiverr algorithm. How to get first ever job. As an experienced fiverr user do you know what is the average time to get first ever job for freelancers.


YES. This is valuable information :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice! It’s very helpfull for me.


Great work Thankyou bro​:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:



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thanks for the advise.


Hey there i am new to fiverr and that were really helpful
Thank you


thank a lot your good advice


Thanks for your nice tips.