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Tips for new sellers

I am want to work in fiverr, but can you tell how to start here without any harassment.

You don’t have any gigs on your profile you need to create a gig first!

Create gigs first. and be sure to check this post.

What kind of harassment? Why would someone harass you?

1 - Once you have an account, complete your profile
2 - Open the menu on the top right
3 - Under selling select > create a gig
4 - Create your first gig
a) Start with a great service for just $5
b) Use all the characters you have to describe your service
c) over deliver to get great reviews
5 - Keep in touch with costumers and be friendly

that could be a good start.

good luck and welcome!

I will harass you for $5, making you appear highly desirable to members of the opposite sex.

Seriously though, I think without harassment = hassle-free. I would also like to know this secret…

Your profile name should represent what you do. You call yourself LinkOnIslam, yet you have no gigs about Islam.

This is your description: "I am a hard worker to create any photo editing, logo designing, web designing, file converting, MS Word, MS Excel, Power point Expert, Email Marketing, SEO, Video Editing others many work i can do, because i have a creativity mind which can meet your dream. "

What kind of e-mail marketing do you do? I hope you’re not writing the e-mails because your English is limited.

So focus on what you do best. Call yourself ExcelForLess if you’re a master at creating charts, worksheets, for example.

If you love Microsoft products, maybe you can be MicroMaven if that’s available. If you’re great at SEO, Seology might be great (if available).

Remember that your name advertises you.

Good luck!

gig promotion through social media is great way to increase your gig sale.

Can you guys see the gig I posted? I’m not sure if I did it properly.

There is always the possibility that that username is his given name, though. Many, many people do that.

creating gigs is not only what you need, after that you have to get traffic to your gigs in other to get gigs… because fiverr is all about “help your self before we help you”

Could you please check out my gigs and make a review on them? Thanks in advance