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Tips for newbie and pessimistic sellers

Hi guys, i want to share my experience mostly mistakes that i did and still get buyer. The point of this post is just to show you how Fiverr trying there best to be the top of there game and people who think thing isn’t working
well it does.

My limits,
I already have a day job and i can only give 4hrs a day.
I can’t or don’t want to post my gig to other social sites because it’s too much work.
I only want to give my service and earn money.
So this is me and i tried every other freelance websites and didn’t get a dime.

I sign up in Fiverr and didn’t know how things work. The best thing about fiverr is you don’t need to find buyers they come to you so i got the buyer. (note: the gig should be unique or well made)

My mistakes,

  1. As i mentioned before i didn’t know how Fiverr works so my first gig was late and the job was realistic anatomy just like reference image which takes 7 to 10days. It was $5 and as much as i want still i couldn’t do it.
  2. I have so many messages and i didn’t reply to anyone and when i does i leave some of it.
    Now i know we should quick reply and no no to late delivery.

Unique vs average Gig
If you have unique gig and you just started in Fiverr they will help you as much as they can. I did so many mistakes and still i get the buyers.
if you have a average gig or the gig that are so many then you must post your gigs in social media and find buyers in buyer request section. Quick reply and no late delivery.

Optimistic and be positive
This one is not only for fiverr work but in your daily routine. always be positive and you will see the result.

Remember you still have your 15 seconds of courage left.
Thanks for reading this,


15 seconds of courage? That’s it?

Man, that’s…

Couldn’t catch anything but thanks for trying.

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I think courage is absolutely essential. Sometimes you visit the request section and your mind starts jumping, “can I do this or not?” But more often than not, you can. So, I think the 15 sec courage is cool- as far as am concern.

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15sec courage was the movie scene “we bought a zoo”
“20 seconds of insnae courage!”

The good work and the love to give your client the best product is the thing that matters.

Hello, I am a new buyer. Please explain this to me as I saw it referenced in another thread. If I now understand correctly, a seller has a limit on getting 10 buying offers per day? This may be why I can’t get sellers to respond to my requests! I have messaged 5 sellers about their work, and only 1 has responded to me.

Which category of seller you are looking for??

Keep it up…!

He didn’t try - he succeeded. It’s not easy writing in a 2nd or 3rd language.

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yes a seller can send 10 offers per day to buyer’s requests. Tip - each request gets dozens of offers. So always refresh the page and be one of the first few to respond.
And don’t worry - one seller could send 100 requests and just get 1 response, another could send 100 and get 10, another could send 200, and only get a response from one buyer after having sent 200… and that buyer could end up being a repeat customer. It is different for everyone.
(hmm just went to ur profile and it shows “no gigs to display” - is something wrong with my internet, or is that true?)

snowynight is a buyer. That’s why there are no gig on profile.

buyer requests are showing just for a limited time period then disappears automatically, why?


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good job

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Don’t bait and switch. Don’t advertise something for $5 then try to get more out of the buyer. This is starting to happen way too much on Fiverr.

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Very helpful topic.
Thank you

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Thanks for great tips.

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No sellers can send only 10 Buyer Request but buyer may be get more than 10.Can you please tell us what was your request?

Can someone check my profile and gigs and tell me if am doing sth wrong? new on fiverr