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Tips for newbie and pessimistic sellers

How can i post my gigs on social media?

no it is not like that many top rated sellers have set their order limit. but most of time is time issue because of different regions. and some sellers make account and work as part time so they don’t give 100% attentions to messages. only some of sellers do full time freelance work on fiverr

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just copy the link of your gig and share in on faceboock, instagram, twitter and any other. and you also can promote it ad.

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no mostly no one tell you but you have to compare your gig with your competitors and me changes in your gig so client will contact you.

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mostly buyer set their post expiry time that’s why it happens and they don’t relay on post they also contact sellers directly so they can get their job done ASAP.

You really have to give Fiverr a lot of time, devotion, and attention in order to succeed on this platform.

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yes Indeed


Thanks for answering these question. I didn’t activate my notification and got lost in time but it’s good that you answered these question now.

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Right sir. I am Dimpal

really good tips making good seller u know.