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Tips for Newbies [ARCHIVED]


Based on your experience - what is your #1 tip for sellers starting out on Fiverr?


The number one tip I would have is LEVEL UP with the quickness.

That is, initially don’t worry about “working too hard” for $5. In fact be open to it! Make it part of your unique selling proposition. When you’re just starting and you’re willing to put an hour a day into your fiver. …

Well, that means you have 30 mins to deliver on a $5 gig and spend 30 mins seeking traffic sources EACH DAY if you’re making a sale a day.

At which point you’ll be level one in just over a week…

And Level two in just under 2 months.

At that point, you’re not able to do 3 gig extra offers at $20 each. Or, now you can sell for $65 a pop.

At that point you can start saying, NOW where should I focus my time.


Exactly what I posted on LinkedIn…

Over deliver each and every time!


MyMondo, can you give some examples of what “over delivery” looks like for the beginners? Also, I’m curious how much you agree with this observation: It’s not nearly enough to “over deliver”, you also have to TELL THE BUYER that you’ve done so.

Absent telling them how “thrilled they should be with you” … they will assume they’ve gotten exactly what was purchased for which they paid. Correct?


OK - in my case my most successful offering on Fiverr is my voiceover gig. I typically provide my clients several reads for the same script that they can choose. They dont ask for this but I want to make sure I over deliver to not only meet their expectations but exceed them! Or I do alot of free editing of their script that I dont charge for and let hem know I spent extra time to make their script and final voiceover as good as it can possibly be.

Also, to your observation. Yes, communication (or over communication) can often times be exactly what buyers need to know you have gone above and beyond for them. I know the importance of communicating with a buyer and often times they tell me that they greatly appreciated my updates and are blown away by my professional and excellent communication skills. So in the end I think its comes down to both! :slight_smile:


=D> <=== Now that's what I'm talking about! Way to bring it with the specifics for the beginners! w00t Thank you to the both of you.


Nice series!


Always over deliver and make your buyers happy and satisfied. This will lead to great reviews, level promotion and ofcourse more Orders :slight_smile:


I’ve found that the best method for getting buyers is to deliver fast, and to worry about revisions after you deliver. I have a special thing I offer which is really just “free unlimited revisions” once the ordered is delivered the buyer can tell me what he like or what he didn’t like and I can fix it according to their specifications, I’m not sure how it would work with none “artistic” gigs but for me it serves as a starting point, and sometimes even the final product, because it gives you the ability to hit the mark in one try, and if you don’t hit it the first time, buyers will see how devoted you are to making them happy and give you great reviews.


Reply to @mabelma: It is a good strategy, although I cannot help trying to bring back a “perfect” output in the first attempt.


Reply to @mabelma: do you find that this adds a lot of time to complete each Gig?


Reply to mabelma, Oh my goodness if I put “free unlimited revisions” for my family tree gig I would NEVRE get done but that is the nature of my gig and research never ends when it comes to genealogy. If the buyer comes back and says there is an error then of course I fix it and/or research it further (I have been known to mis type a name or put 1999 for year born when they were born in 1899) but other than that once the tree has been delivered then the transcation is closed.


Reply to @natalieab: Usually just a couple more minutes because it’s a change of color or on the image, not much really. Again, I’m not sure how it would work with non graphic gigs but with gigs like mine, I think it works wonders.


Deliver fast and more than the buyer expects! Also, use proper grammar and spelling.


Reply to adnagam: that is what I have to watch, thank goodness for auto correct, grammar and spelling


Always deliver on time and over deliver


Reply to sham19: Good tip! I have been known to give a client 14 generations on their chart. I say I go back 4 generations from the grandparents but usually I get carried away climibing higher and higher into their family tree


I am not that big that I share tips but I got one thing which may help the beginners.

On the right sidebar of Fiverr you will see Request Gigs option. What you can do is grab the opportunity and message the buyer that you can do it with proper explanation… It will get you the beginning push and that is all you need to beat the initial competition… :slight_smile:


I usually provide 4-5 revisions for my Graphics gigs and this works wonders! In addition, for the writing gigs I always deliver before time.


Reply to @qsera: That is great that you go above and beyond to make sure your clients are completely happy with the work you do for them.