Tips For Newly Joined Seller, Who looking for orders


Fiverr is a great platform for selling services, It has all the features needed to do good deals. I have joined Fiverr 1 year ago. At first I had to face some disappointed situation. But in days changes Now I pay all my expenses as well as support my family.

Here is what you can do to develop yourself day by day In fiverr:

Think You should bear in mind before placing a request to buyer:

  1. Don’t write the same phrase of words for all the buyer request. You have to write there unique for each of them. You need to write “What you have understood reading his request” and “How You Will Do The Job, (In Professional Language)”.
  2. When Writing your request to buyer make the number of words as long as possible but be sure with relevant words. Make him understand that you are experienced and skilled enough to do his particular job. When you have less review or even no review, You will need to convert your buyer with your words in the request form.

After Drawing The Buyer’s Attention, Offer them to have a discussion with you.


  1. Before taking any order, clearly, understand what the buyer want. If you don;t understand it, ask your buyer and clarify it.
  2. Always try to over deliver a task. Don’t take any intention to trick with the buyer. Be 100% honest and professional
  3. Try to understand buyers. Most of them will say that “I have more work, do this nicely and I will continue order you”. But most of them actually haven’t more jobs, You need to understand which buyer can be your repeat buyer. Be more professional as well as friendly with them
  4. Pay attention to your repeat buy taks. They are real asset to you!
  5. Don’t hesitate to refund the buyer if you can’t fullfill his/her needs
  6. Be polite with you words as much as you can. By this you can escape negative review
  7. Always remember that a negative review will hurt you a lot. So do whatever to escape that.

Thanks For Reading, If you have any question you can comment below


It seems you are making a lot of value and credits from Fiverr. However, it’s good and keep doing. We will be there where it take us for better. Love Fiverr and the support team.


Wow, thanks for this.


Thanks so much for valuable suggestions


I would like to share my personal experience here at Fiverr regarding design services. I found out that when a Fiverr seller says “I will design your logo”, the truth is…they will NOT actually make it for you. You will provide everything to them and they will just draw it using photoshop, illustrator. Almost 99% of designer here at Fiverr is very young, has No Creativity, No artistic idea, have No work experience, has not been to top design university, has not work for a top designer or advertising company. Designer here at Fiverr could not provide a solid (deep thinking) design that is elegant and impressive. Most of the “designer” just know how to copy and paste, knows a little bit of photoshop and they call themselves as a “designer”. Great Designer do a lot of research work, thinks deeply, produce design with meaning, proud of their own design and reflects their original idea & thinking in their completed works.


Thank you that is so helpful!!


You are correct, most “designers” on this site will be people with little or no experence in actually designing and planning out a logo.

Most wont understand that more goes into design work then just a little cut and paste. The correct colours and styles to use for a Real Estate Company will be completely different to somthing you would use for a Child Care Center. This isn’t somthing that they would be taught in school but comes from experence.

When I completed my first logo design 8 years ago I thought it was amazing, I see now that I had a lot to learn, I keep that logo pinned to my computer to remind me just how far I have come.

I really hope that people dont make such snap decisions about my design capabilities because my profile is very basic and hasn’t currently got many samples of my work.

Everyone starts somewhere just remember to judge them by how far they have come not by where they are in their journy.

Sorry for the novel, l didn’t realise a was going on a rant :smile:


Yes, I also agree with you! But the seller who have no creativity, no experience will eventually won’t go so long. Fiverr also help you find the experienced one, by showing you valuable data.

However, there is also a lot of talented and passionate seller out there to fulfill your needs, They have full production of creativity :). You may try to find that kind seller.
Though your reply in my post is irrelevant


The topic of this thread is Newly Joined Seller, who is looking for orders. Therefore, it is important that the Seller should know what are the issues and problems encountered by the Customer or Clients. If the seller is intelligent enough to pick up and read thru this thread and able to address what the customer wants and needs, then, the seller gets an order, (i.e. the Seller gets the gig). In conclusion, this reply is totally relevant to the Newly Joined Seller.
I also noticed that many Seller would list down their software skills (they will write as many as possible, thinking that they get more orders) such as illustrator, photoshop, computer graphics skills, etc… Many young sellers do not actually know, that Great Designers do not use this softwares. Top Designers use pencil to sketch their concept ideas from their knowledge and many years of experience, then, submit their ideas to their client for initial approval, while explaining the meaning behind their original idea to their client. Similarly, Great architect (even famous Dress Designer) do this as well, they use a pen to sketch a concept that inspires them. When the idea is approved by the Client, the Great Designer give the sketch to primary school student (similar to many Fiverr seller here) who then draw it using photoshop or illustrator. This is the thing I would like to share to all Seller, the idea behind your design is more important than your capability to use photoshop and illustrator.
I have proven this in Fiverr, I gave one sample logo to a Fiverr Seller and I ask her “How can you improve this logo”… She do not know how to reply, completely blank and empty mind…Zero idea, Zero Input, Zero Creativity, however, I still give her a chance, I pay her USD26 as she wish… the result… she just copy the logo I sent to her and change the color, that’s it. No input of her own idea, No creativity at all. What a Fiverr Seller can do here, can also be done by my 8 year old daughter using Microsoft paint pre-installed in Windows 7… so, How can Fiverr tell me which seller has the experience one? many of their displayed sample work are also copy and paste from other sources found in the web.


Like a freelance kindergarden, would you say?


Exactly… The success of Fiverr website depends on the quality of services provided by the Seller. So, if no Seller could provide a quality service… Fiverr will fold and go down the drain as quick as we can imagine…


Thank you so much. I think that is so helpful.


All what OP said are true and factual. I have learned new thing that am sure will skyrock my sales via buyer request and review.
Thanks once again.


Hey Wpshouter

Thank you for your awesome article what do you think about 3 star feedback. i had one recently my orders stopped any idea my friend



Nice tips
Negative review will come if you deliver low quality and below expectation. The best way to avoid it, is by giving quality results or accepting only what you can handle.
Most new sellers will accept what they can not handle because they need orders at the end, bad review.

@edward5ver not all sellers can give quality but there are some that offer quality service. That is why before you pick any for your task, do some screening, ask seller questions (relevant questions). Though you might not be lucky even with the screening but just do it.


Hey Gamunu,
Actually when a buyer sees your gig, Most probably they will go to see the reviews in gig page as well as the profile page. SO anything blank white space on that star certainly draw the attention of the buyer. He/she might want to find someone else who has all filled stars.
It’s my observation!


Yes, that’s right.
Most new seller just looks to get an order. SO whatever they are offered to do, they just take it. But there is certainly a chance of not being able to provide the quality service as described.
The formal way is to learn the service you are offering quite nicely then come to perform services.


Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile: