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Tips for offering your service to a buyer's request

So, two years ago I was a seller here offering digital illustration gig.
I remember those times when competition was tough, sellers are offering high quality services with low rate.
I completed 19 orders with 7 five star reviews (the other 12 orders were success too, but no review, can’t remember why) before finally paused my gig after getting an offline day job.

Fast forward today, I came back here not as a seller, but a buyer.
I thought I can see similar competition as per 2 years ago.
But no, the race for quality seems to be gone.

I put a buyer request for a hand drawn sketch.
Attached the concept and the style I want. Wrote down the budget: $20.
Boom! Nine offers came up!

I sent message to all nine sellers asking for a sample.
Not for my order if you think I’m going to cheat.
I just want to see any example of their work with similar style I want.


  • Some sellers simply gone - that’s understandable.
  • Some tried to convince me to stop wasting time and just put an order - hell yeah like I’m an idiot.
  • Some send a picture I don’t know where the stole it from. Ever heard of Google reverse image search?

And so I gave up. I lost hope in finding any seller with simply reasonable effort to satisfy their buyer’s wish.
I guess I’m very confidence in selling new gigs if the competition is very easy like these days.

And here’s the tip for you guys and gals on how to respond to buyer’s request:

  1. Read and read again all information given by the buyer. Don’t miss anything! Provide example if asked.
  2. Find the meaning beyond the words. Don’t just simply answer the request. Answer the buyer’s need.
  3. If you think the request is beyond your capability, don’t even try. You waste your time.
  4. No need to offer lower price. Just go with the buyer’s budget and give your best effort.
  5. Imagine there’s 10 or more sellers offering their service, why should the buyer pick you? Your words? Your promise? Or your work? Stop talking and start showing. That means offering example, trial, or anything.

Lastly, be prepared. Coz the old G here’s coming and ready to scale up the race!
Good luck, lads!


This really helped me. I have stopped sending samples and always take budget 20% below.


Yeah, there are scammer who asked for “sample” for their order.
By giving sample I meant showing your previous work that is similar to the request.

If the “sample” if created specifically for the request, that’s a big no.

I stopped sending samples too!

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I used to get a handful of decent offers on Buyer’s Request in the past. The last few months, it’s been just horrible. I got nearly 100% canned responses.

When I used to try get logos & illustration, at least 50% were downloaded from Google, the other 30% were free images from various places to include Playstore and final 20% were clipart or just plain bad.

Very few good sellers hang around buyers request. About 95% are new sellers who has no idea what they are bidding and have minimal, if any, skills. They read someplace that 5r was easy way to make money.


Wow this is super helpful to read from the point of view of the buyer! That’s so cool to see the reverse side of this. Thank you for this helpful insight!


Yeah, I saw a top thread about buyers cheating by asking samples and then ran away.
And if that ugly situation makes other sellers lose trust to potential buyers, only giving respond after money, then the marketplace is dead.

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If we look at the positive side the remaining 10% seller who are honest with there work can compete spammers. If they know the right way to convince buyers.
If we talk about samples. I feel sometimes sellers have to create a sample which takes equal effort in making the actual product which is like double work and even after the sample they have made cannot make sure they will get order.

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Can’t agree more. We should just keep standing among the nightwalkers. :muscle:

I’ve said before. Sellers should provide sample from previous work. Not new sample.
However, if a seller created a new sample by request and still lost order, why not bring it into a new gig? :wink:

thanks for all tips:+1::+1::v::v: