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Tips for ✍ Promoting Gigs after 3 πŸ˜‰ years exp on Fiverr (updated 09/06/19)

Hi, everyone :smiley:

What usefull Tips I need to share next Post?

  • Conversation Tips
  • Sell Tips
  • Promoting Gigs Tips

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My Fiverr way was not so easy like I wanted, but 3 years past and I want to share some usefull Tips with You :face_with_monocle:

Today need to finish some Tasks with Etsy API, so only 2 β€œsecrets”:
(1) My loyal customers gives 5x income than all others.
When I say loyal, so it IS NOT:

  • client that are giving me better Price
  • our conversation is like between friends

Otherwords, its the Client who loved me for the Service. Just that. Fiverr is a market. We are Products.
Customer need only the Result of your work.

(2) Feel the Pain
When chatting with User and listening to the Task or Problem, I try to understand what he really needs.

His head is full of Ideas, but not of Solutions.

Sure we are not Google to know every case, but they (clients) think of that. We are like SuperMans who save the World ((
The one way is to write as much questions as you CAN! End the conversation with the Question or show the interest in the Problem and you will see how is it working …

P.S. feel free to comment or if you like it, please LIKE the post :cowboy_hat_face:

P.P.S next blog will be on 08.25

Thank you
Best Ian


Thank you for these! and congrats on your success :slight_smile:


Hope you are doing good on Fiverr, Brenna :cowboy_hat_face:
Good luck!

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Good time!
Today I wanna speak about

the Risks working as freelancer :roll_eyes:

My first year here was difficult and unpredictable.
Problem #1 that you needed to figure out what is your price?
How much you can write?
Having examined the offers of competitors, it became clear to me
that I MUST start with only $5(

My first risk was that Customers won’t believe me :sunny:

  • Zero reviews
  • Zero experience
  • No understanding how to get the job DONE?

Will the result be returned for a Revision or will be Accepted immediately?
What if 1 and 2 revision do not satisfy the client?
I need to assure you, that my attitude to work was formed in right away at once.
My customers want 100% Quality :nerd_face:. If I bum, then sooner or later it will be opened.
Therefore, you must immediately do it HONESTLY.

The second risk is the number of Orders per month and Revenue.
When working as a developer for a company in my city,
it was clear how much I could spend and save money.
But what about now?

After all, I beleived that my income will be only $100-200.
Therefore, I firmly decided just to work, constantly improving my Service.
Study, study, study. Not to torment myself with doubts.

This was the only way to understand whether the game is worth the candle.
In 2017 it was clear that working on Fiver is difficult and interesting.
Over time, my income grew and I found several regular,loyal customers.

That all folks …
See you in 3 days.

P.S. what do you think on Risks working as Freelancer?

Thank you
Best Ian


Thanks for the tips.


Thank you, @folijum!!
Maybe you want to hear the answer to some question? I am opened for some discussion

Thank you
Best Ian

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Thanks buddy, so helpful.


Good day, comrades! Today we are gonna speak about SELL TIPS :cowboy_hat_face:

But before we begin, I wanna thank you for voting, so we understand both what you need More…

As you know, sales are built on a contract. This is the main thing of any sale.
If the buyer understands what I offer in the Gig and if the Price is nice,
we will both be happy :slightly_smiling_face:
It is also worth considering that freelance is a cheap workforce :point_left:, so
price expectations are one of the most important for our Client(but sure if you are not experienced already)

The first Rule for successful sales on Fiverr:

  • Find out what the client needs.

It seems to sound simple, but so often he does not know why he came to you.
As a Php developer, I know that if you need a Web scraper, the first
thing I ask: β€œWhat Data format do you need?”

If you are a designer, ask about the Size of the picture and where
it will be used. To ask more questions means that you are in the Subject.
Do not afraid to do that!

As a buyer, I would be very grateful if You give me some Hint or Recommendation. After all,
I came to the Profi. So I’m waiting for Help and Advice.
And one more rule, which is also simple but also working.

  • DEMO is our Credo.

It’s about some Sample of your product. If you are a designer and can already
make the first outline of the Logo. Send it for evaluation immediately. The
sooner the Client understands what he needs, the faster you get the money and
close the deal :dark_sunglasses: + :neutral_face: = :sunglasses:
I am personally sending a Demo version of the Excel spreadsheet with Data.
So that you can see what I will send you at the end when Job is done.
Unfortunately for lot of Freelancers, spending 2 hours on Demo
is a challenge.

And I can understand you.

Just try once or twice to prepare a Sample of the Result.
And then you will see how the client will Talk to you.

I hope these 2 tips were useful.
If you liked the post, please like or leave a comment.

Thank you
Best Ian


Thank you for useful tips :relaxed:

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Thank you :smiley:
Next topic I wanna speak about Promoting Gigs

Thank you
Best Ian


Great! Will follow them :blush:

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thank you for tips:slightly_smiling_face:


Your tips is very helpfull for me because I am a new seller in fiverr, thanks for your valuable tips.


Watting for your next tips…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Good day, everyone!
Today I want to talk about Sales.
We have got 10 Poll votes for β€œSell Tips” and how to sell yourself here.

Special β€œThank You” for voting, to next guys:

@goldsmydy, @ravian1, @joyh97, @deeboss99, @bafi_1000xp, @malathimala, @biofin, @ahasan_saim, @milon_webpro

Lets begin…

I have two solutions that will help You to increase the speed quickly. Let’s say
that your product is the Car. So, to drive faster, you need either have a powerful
motor :sunglasses: or constantly increase speed. Little by little. First 50km, then 100km, then 200km.
That is how I began my journey on Feaverr.

Build trust
The first Orders brought me only $5, which is not very much :neutral_face:, but enough to gain
experience. Feel free to write the Client, that you are newbie and want to show
all the best that you can. Set the Order time up to 3 days. And just make 1 or 2
orders per day if you are a graphic designer. Maybe your service is sold every 3 days.
Look at the demand for it, please

Big elephant needs to be eaten with a teaspoon
If you look at the reviews of TOP sellers :1st_place_medal: you can understand that it will take 1 to 2 years to get 1000 reviews. So you need to tune in to a long game. For example, my goal was $500 per month :watermelon: So I divided the budget by 3 months.
And process the orders, gradually increasing the cost of work by $10-15 each 10 orders. In that way the elephant was eaten. Tune in :+1: to work hard. Just think of it more seriously as you can. Do, do and dont’ stop!
And soon you will see the first Results, even much faster than you thought :point_left:

If you like the post, please comment it and say some words…

Thank you
Best Ian


Thanks for the feedback, it was helpful.


Love that! (not that I eat elephants on a regular basis, obvs … )

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Thank you for feedback :blush:

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Keep touching with us. Waiting for the next one…

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Wow!! Great tips:) Thank you so much @goodjobman

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