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Tips for ✍ Promoting Gigs after 3 😉 years exp on Fiverr (updated 09/06/19)

thanks for sharing with us… waiting for the next…


awesome! i have been top rated seller on fiverr since 2016, 1 point that i learn from my client : “quality of work” that all :smile:


Woah !! man your animations look cool, which software do you use? @albertanimation

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great man…thanks for sharing useful tips and your time :slight_smile:

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Wow… I am really impressed by your opinion. I also got my first order by doing the same thing which you have described in your post. Thanks for your time.


Thanks a lot, man! Sure, the quality works if you can give it…
Good luck!!

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thanks for your Tips

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It’s a nice topic obviously.
One thing I need to discuss that we have to ask more questions to know the client needs. But some cases client are confused about their needs. It’s happening in case of some countries, I am not mentioned to name.
So my question is how can we handle them? Which point of view we can ask them for website design or e-commerce website area questions.

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This is the best post I have ever read here. Nice work! :slight_smile:

Useful tips always Ian:+1:

This the best post in fiverr forum i have ever found. thanks man

The unpredictability and uncertainty of being a freelancer…

Being a freelancer is difficult. Your income becomes unpredictable. There would be times when weeks would pass but you get no work to do.!

On the other hand freelancing teaches you how 1)to control your spendings, 2)to keep learning and developing yourself so that you become better.

There will be always two sides. If we succeed the hard path we gain the reward. But if someone starts something thinking only of it’s rewards then there will be lots of disappointments waiting for him.


Hope you get more success in the future.
All the best!

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conversational tips.

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